Title: War of the World DM Resources (DMII)
Filename: combos/ww-dmres.zip
Size: 494.52 KB
Date: 01/24/96
Author: Dean Stretton
Description: War of the Worlds sounds & graphics for DooM II.

Over *50* new resources for DeathMatch play!

These DeathMatch-ONLY sounds for DooM II are intended as a tribute to great sci-fi and great music. There are 24 new sounds, most of them sampled (by me) from Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds CD. There are also 5 new tunes, and a number of new graphic resources (eg screens). The images were scanned from the WoW CD booklet with the help of SSDA staff at the Australian National University.

These resources were featured in the DeathMatch concatenation, TRIO_8.WAD. Check it out!
Credits: NewWadTool (NWT) v1.3 (for compilation)
Paint Shop Pro (PSP) v3.1 (for screens)
WinTex v4.1b (for sound imports)
SSDA Staff at ANU (for scanning)
MIDI2MUS (for MIDI conversion)
Music Sculptor (for MIDI manipulation)
Creative Wave Studio (for WAV file editing)

Jeff Wayne (composer/director of WoW)
Richard Burton }
David Essex } voices on WoW SFX
Phil Lynott }

Jeff Wayne (for composing 'The Eve of the War')
Andrew Brockhouse (for making DRWHO.WAD)
Jean Michel Jarre (for composing 'Oxygene')
Vangelis (for composing 'Conquest of Paradise')
DWANGO4.WAD for original status bar
Other WADs (for additional sounds)
Mark Klem (for pistol/original SS sounds)
Clayton Shivers (for death skull)

ID Software (of course)
Base: See 'Additional Credits'.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Ditto.
Bugs: Sky texture wraps at the top, giving it a somewhat tacky look. But don't worry - this only occurs if you have maximum screen size enabled, which you'd be mad to do in DeathMatch!
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