Title: Mixed Tape Vol. 2
Filename: combos/ww-mixd2.zip
Size: 4.59 MB
Date: 11/26/06
Author: wildweasel
Description: A collection of my favorite weapons from my weapon mods (some of them never released in a proper weapon mod). The second one.
Credits: All kinds of people - Xaser, Scuba Steve, Paul/Nmn, Scero, Croteam, and...screw it, I STILL can't remember
Base: Modified from a bunch of my older mods
Build time: A month(?)
Editor(s) used: XWE, Cool Edit Pro 2.1, PSP X, my brain
Bugs: May be some errors with newer versions of GZDoom
Rating: (6 votes)
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I'm back, and downloading a wad.x
yeah WildWeasel kick ass.I Love SP but MP sucks.x
this is a prity dam good set of weapons, he released a more recent weapons mod that beats the shit out of this but its still cool, (remember to set controls for alternet fire for these)x

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