Title: Style Mod
Filename: combos/ww_style.zip
Size: 12.04 KB
Date: 05/28/10
Author: wildweasel
Description: My entry for CutmanMike's second Doom Mutator Contest, in which contestants create a new gameplay mod using no new sprites, sounds, or maps - code only. So using ZDoom's textures system and some clever Decorate tricks, I cooked up this thing.
Credits: Xaser who inspired me, #zdoom on Espernet for bug tracking and ideas.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Two weeks
Editor(s) used: SLADE 3 Beta 5
Bugs: If ZDoom crashes on startup with an error about SMF_PRECISE, go download the latest SVN build from http://svn.drdteam.org/
Rating: (11 votes)

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This brings the feeling of Wolfenstein back, since it uses only one kind of ammo, plus all the alt fires are just badass and it has cool weapons. Just perfect to load with a megawad! x
Leave it to the modern WW to make something finally GOOD as an entry into these shitty contests that both DW and ZDoom should stop bothering themselves with. x
I have to give it a 5 for technical genius. Also, the text stuff in the language lump is a worthy contender against the language lump of Zharkov goes to the store.x
Holy shit! It's ****ing cool! What an awesome mod. 5/5 -playerlinx
Excellent mod! I love the concept, definitely a great way to play Doom. x
This is sheer genius. *Twisted* genius, to be sure, but genius nonetheless.x

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