Title: Style Mod
Filename: combos/ww_style.zip
Size: 12.04 KB
Date: 05/28/10
Author: wildweasel
Description: My entry for CutmanMike's second Doom Mutator Contest, in which contestants create a new gameplay mod using no new sprites, sounds, or maps - code only. So using ZDoom's textures system and some clever Decorate tricks, I cooked up this thing.
Credits: Xaser who inspired me, #zdoom on Espernet for bug tracking and ideas.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Two weeks
Editor(s) used: SLADE 3 Beta 5
Bugs: If ZDoom crashes on startup with an error about SMF_PRECISE, go download the latest SVN build from http://svn.drdteam.org/
Rating: (12 votes)
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