Title: Diaz: Last Hours of Purity (WW Hits Collection)
Filename: combos/wwhcdiaz.zip
Size: 11.03 MB
Date: 10/19/08
Author: wildweasel
Description: The Research Crimes Prevention Agency (RCPA) is targeting the UAC over their controversially unethical research. Agent Diaz is sent as a peacekeeper to oversee their latest experiment, and to see if the evidence is correct. But of course, everything's gone to Hell before she even gets there...

More story to be found in included DIAZLORE.TXT file.
Credits: See DIAZLORE.TXT included with this archive for the full credits listing
Base: ww-diaz.wad; several resources used other bases and are detailed in DIAZLORE.TXT
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: In deathmatch, grenades don't stay when picked up. SWAT troopers turn brown when electrocuted; unfixable.
Rating: (88 votes)
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