Title: Parkour
Filename: combos/xa-parko.zip
Size: 24.91 KB
Date: 06/10/12
Author: Xaser Acheron
Description: Gameplay modification for Doom(2). It's a weapon modification you can fit inside a matchbox!

Parkour is a full weapon enhancement mod, featuring swift n' snazzy takes on the original doom weapons, featuring reloading, dual wielding, and effects galore. True to its name, it also allows for increased mobility via kickjumping and super-unrealistic aerial dashing. Whooosh!

This mod is a first in that it achieves its aims purely with code. There are no new graphical or audio resources included -- all work is done via the magic of ZDoom's TEXTURES. As such, it has a super-small filesize and is about as 'pure' as a mod can get in terms of content.

Parkour was originally released on the ZDoom forums as an entry to Cutmanmike's Doom Mutator Contest #2 (which, sadly, was never judged), and is the first of its kind, providing the inspiration for mods such as WildWeasel's excellent "Style Mod" and Jimmy's kickass "Omega".

For those itching for some extra gore, Parkour is also compatible with Brutal Doom Lite, with special care taken to preserve special deaths. Go nuts and splat some skulls!
Credits: Cutmanmike for the Doom Mutator Contest 2. NeuralStunner, for some early bugfixing. Kate, Alex, n' Bouncy for being cool. Everyone who tested n' liked this. Thanks, all!
Base: Scratch.
Build time: Two-ish weeks for the initial release. Longer after.
Editor(s) used: SLADE3, PSP7 (for graphic prototyping)
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