Title: Zero Tolerance
Filename: combos/zp-zerot.zip
Size: 8.27 MB
Date: 06/01/08
Author: Zero Prophet
Description: Step into the circuits of the Prototype, a rogue android scheduled for termination but freed in a time of dire need. Trash the opposition of the First Invasion with a plethora of new weapons and dazzling special effects. Complete with a new heads-up-display and a full-fledged reloading system, Zero Tolerance is almost a Total Conversion in its own right.

A seperate text document, zp-zeros.txt, has been included and contains the full storyline and whatnot. Rejoice, ye who are interested in that kind of stuff. The plotline somehow ties into that of Zen Dynamics, but its main connections are currently unknown.
Credits: Many,

Engine iD, Randy Heit, Graf Zahl Artists -Paul (NMN) . Weapons: Photon, Raiden, Flak, Xanadu, Bouncer, Prometh, Zero&Infinity -Eriance . Weapon: Flaregun + new imps and enemy gibs -Xanthier . Weapon: Xanadu (co-op with Paul) -Doom2.5 Team . Weapon: Chainsaw -JStanf35 . Weapon: Genova (from Imagination) http://www.geocities.com/jstanf35/ -Vader . Knight/Baron gibs -Cory Whittle . many original sprites (clips) + chaingunner replacement -3Drealms. Weapon: Prophet (Duke64 rip+edit) . orig. rip by Chronoteeth Musicians -BenJam --> http://benjam.org -Karsten Koch -v- http://www.aufgang.org/koch/homepage/music.asp Contributers -WildWeasel . some Stranger-FX, alphatesting -Nash . radical gore effects -Enjay . switches & footsteps -Xaser . blood, improved effects -Xenophon . original casing code -Corwin . splash effects Alphatesters -TheDarkArchon -Chronoteeth -TawmDee -SnowKate -Paul (NMN) -WildWeasel -MasterOFDeath -Xaser Additional -iD . sounds from Doom 3 and Quake 3 -Epic . sounds from Unreal -Volition . sounds from Freespace 2 -Raven . misc Hexen and Quake4 rips -Rogue . misc Strife rips -3D Realms . Duke Nukem Mushroom Cloud -Doom2.5 Team . various projeciles and effects -Others unknown!
Base: Graphics mostly from NMN, Animations by Zero Prophet, Coding by Zero Prophet, Donations from Xaser and Zen Dynamics
Build time: Months of work, Years of idle
Editor(s) used: XWE, PSP7, ImpulseTracker, GoldWave
Bugs: HUD is not perfect and the Lasersight is buggy. These issues will be fixed when ZDoom allows.
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