Title: Mountain King Version 2.0
Filename: deathmatch/deathtag/mountkng.zip
Size: 569.19 KB
Date: 09/25/97
Author: Tom Mustaine (Paradox) -- Level, GFX. Josh Martel (Null, Undertow) -- Sounds, Map05.
Description: /How to Play Mountain King is a wad based on a new idea similar to the Capture the flag concept. I'm Sure you all have seen the DethTag Series and various spin off's, but this wad is a LOT different. No annoying Rad Suits to wait for, No long lava pits or skull Posts to read the score. MK features a live scoreboard that displays each players total points (green, indigo, red, brown, red team, and blue team) The object of the game is to score 5 points and then proceed to the Final scoring pod where a player will win the game. * There is a Large mountain to scale, once at the top you must lower a floor by hitting the down switch and get inside your scoring pod. If you get killed while the floor is lowering, your enemy can raise it back up with the Up switch. * Once you have scored 5 points, then your goal is to get to the final scoring area (west on the map) and locate your final score switch. Once you enter the final scoring area, a sign will appear that says "Look Out!!" Warning the other players that somebody is about the win the game. * If you are successful in scoring the final point then the exit will become available. * Its a simple concept, no strange switches to find or wierd traps to overcome. To see more how the game is actually played, load the wad and watch the 1st demo. In this demo there is a 2 player game on Map04. (See below for more details on the differences between maps 1-4)
Credits: * Josh Martel (Sounds) Bob Mustaine (Playtesting) * Talon (Ideas, Beta Testing) * Shawn Green (Getting me back into designing) * Sverre Andre Kvernmo (Crainum) Master Levels GOD. * All those who were there at DM95, Even Merlock * All the Members of TeamTNT and ID Software
Base: From Scratch, New concept idea.
Build time: A few weeks, working around Work. If I didn't install Winjoke95, it would have been done sooner.
Editor(s) used: DCK (The best) - Deutex - NWT - Dpaint - Midi2Mus Paint Shop Pro - Midisoft - DEU 5.21
Bugs: There are some distance and Visplane related HOM's that show up ocassionally when standing in certian spots. Nothing to big, if you see em, just move a little, They will go away. * Any other Bugs -- Email me at Mustaine@usa.net
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