Title: mtnpatch.zip
Filename: deathmatch/deathtag/mtnpatch.zip
Size: 133.52 KB
Date: 12/01/95
Description: This is a Patch for the MTN_KING.WAD. There was a error on map02 and Map04. This is for anybody who downloaded a previous version of Mountain King.wad. If you have the file called MTN_KING.WAD you have the obsolete version, get the patch and fix it.

Well, Sorry guys. I had so many people wanting this thing to get released, we overlooked a bug on Map02. Unfortunatally, Its a BIG bug. In the 1st version, The blue team could not win the game becuase their floor would not lower giving them access to their final score pod. One Stinkin Linedef... Anyhow, here is the patch for Map02. This patch will copy everything from your old MTN_KING.WAD and create the new MOUNTKNG.WAD. If you see somebody with the old version (mtn_king.wad) tell em where to get the patch.
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