Title: SCHOOL.WAD v 1.0
Filename: deathmatch/deathtag/school2.zip
Size: 314.68 KB
Date: 08/18/95
Author: VerminatoR / tDD 95
Description: School Dethtag!! Elementary school has never been soo exciting! This wad can only be used as described in the RULES.TXT. I have tried to put many features in the wad to give you the feel of being a young elementary kid again, like the heights of things, and even the cheap tile textured walls provide youthfulness. You'll even like the music..hehe step into the class room and watch your teacher dangle above her desk before your very eyes.. oh man, this is torcher just writing this.. I WANT TO DETHTAG NOW!!!
Credits: Aikman & Talon, for coming up with the Dethtag concept. REAL NICE, Yo. KiDPoWeR for Playtesting and writing up the rules for me. (im sooo lazy to write) id for (ofcourse) creating DooM. D U H
Base: 12% of DETHTAG.WAD by Aikman & Talon..
Build time: Artwork = 2.50 hours Music = 3.25 hours Building = 12 hours Dethtag or related work = 6 hours (my first time!) aligning = 30 min bug fixing = 55 min
Editor(s) used: DCK2.2, QEDIT Text editor
Bugs: Some walls may be sticky, i really don't know as to what causes this problem, so if anybody knows, can you please let me in on it? Also, the light around the score grid in the sand house seems to be cut off by the skull blocks. WHY? I have no idea.. maybe its the nodes builder.
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Weird indeed... Not bad for a 1995 map.x
weird 3/5x
neat. ***x
You forgot the blouses with the oversised peter pan collars, and the knickerbocker pants we had to wear, the 6mile/3 feet-o-snow trek, and the nun who would give our knuckles a crackin' when we so muched breathed too loudly. Aside from that, not bad at all esp. for a 1995 wad. 4 stars.x
Nasty stuff -Trollx

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