Title: WATER DeathTAG v0.9 (as always, i am not sure until i play it with fragies)
Filename: deathmatch/deathtag/watertag.zip
Size: 192.76 KB
Date: 09/05/95
Author: VerminatoR / tDD 95 (- \> -)
Description: Deathtag in a Port bass! Damn, this wad took me long to make.. well, for starters, i had to master the deep water/false floor effect..hard.. Then i had to learn how to make this wad capatable with DEATHMATCH. I have a feeling this wad will be played alot. well i hope.. this took me long enough.. after doing this wad i feel like never making one again.. but then, that's a lie.. P.S. toward the begining of school i became too anctious and stoped aligning textures.. don't worry.. it's only a few. PLEASE READ WRULES.TXT!! _______________________________________________
Credits: |Name |Reason/work |--------------|-------------------------------- |Aikman & |for coming up with the | Talon | Dethtag concept. |JAKfrost |deep water/false floor concept |KiDPoWeR |Playtesting |Eon |Playtesting |chrissy |Playtesting |id |for (ofcourse) creating DooM. | | D U H |----------- Music ----------------------------- |me | title song |me | Intermission song |I wish i knew | map01 song (echoes.mid) |me / sc2 | map02 song (the battle song | | from Star Control 2) `----------------------------------------------- ______________________________________________________________________________
Base: & % - what was the level used to create the map (if any) and how much was used in percentage
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK2.2, QEDIT Text editor
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