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Doombot Arena 3.1
Arena.bat is just that, a big batch file that calls a few little ones. It was written to make the entire process of launching the Doombot with various node files, as well as recording & viewing demos, as easy & painless as possible. ...Date:03/19/00
Size:76.57 KB
Author:Captain Mellow
Hey! Boo.nod is a nodes table file for use with Aardappel's Boo.wad. This nodes table will only work with Sergey Makovkin's very tough Doombot 3.0a, which in turn is based off the Doom Legacy sources for DOS. You can grab the latest version at h...Date:08/18/01
Size:1.81 KB
Complete nodes for the Doombot, and the wad file Brit11.wad...Date:08/18/01
Size:2.72 KB
Author:Dom Rougier (Busted Corpse)

DoomBot v5.1
Size:803.56 KB
Author:Vincent Ho

This is supposed to be a galley ship, but it is hard to replicate a true ship w/o 3D....Date:10/24/01
Size:39.58 KB
Author:Richard Clark
These are gothic 2 nodes for the Doombot....Date:08/17/01
Size:16.48 KB
Author:Dom Rougier
Complete nodes for the Doombot, and the wad file hipafrag.wad...Date:08/18/01
Size:751 B
Author:Dom Rougier (Busted Corpse)

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