Title: Doom2 Deathmatch Training Facility
Filename: deathmatch/facility.zip
Size: 857.82 KB
Date: 04/05/97
Description: This zipfile is a package containing documents, recordings, and a Doom2 level (wad). These are intended to help a player develop skill in agility and aim for Doom2 deathmatch, and to increase understanding of the game specifics as they apply to deathmatch.

The main document, Manual.doc, starts with discussion of beginning skills and concepts, and moves through intermediete skill, then to advanced skill. The manual suggests certian things be practiced in the wad at specific stages of the player's development.
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Contains some very helpful tips & pointers for deathmatch players that still apply today. The documentation is great, but the facility.wad is just a glitchy basic map full of ammo and stuff.x

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