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8 Bits CTF
Robotron 2084 revenge, be warned!!! This is intended to be a set of rapid Catch the flag maps. Some maps are standard and normals, but most are played very quickly. Best experience when set with a time limit instead of score limit. WARNING READ B...Date:05/29/05
Size:977.5 KB
Author:G0dCells, Hobomaster, Nestea and SnowRobot

99 level coop wad demo beta: unknowen mission
Your free falling when you notice a building below that seems hellish and you get a call from edward850 and you have no idear whats going on!...Date:12/05/05
Size:900.46 KB

an CTF made by the [AD] clan...Date:04/26/09
Size:13.83 MB
Author:[AD] clan

Alpha Invasion
Pack of 11 Invasion maps for SkullTag made by several people. It uses supergod-ammo dehacked patch....Date:03/14/07
Size:2.22 MB
Author:Zalewa Wario Forty-Two Kuchikitaichou

Ancient Battlegrounds
Seven maps of ancient ruins and battlefields....Date:09/27/06
Size:646.47 KB

Baseball DM
A Deathmatch level for the SkullTag source port...Date:12/30/03
Size:67.63 KB

hello everyone!!! ths is a new good ewad fomr your favorite wad makers at bc this is a revolutoinary dm wad which features new maps new weapons new enemies new wad and new music for all of you 2 enjoyy........ this is all about fun are u a pro d...Date:10/18/08
Size:2.73 MB

DoomKiller 07
This is a sample of what's coming from DoomKiller. The idea of DoomKiller is to simulate Painkiller's gameplay. (lots of monsters, heavy music, mixed themes). After this release, the rest of the levels will be released in packs of 5 (4 total)....Date:04/28/04
Size:107.2 KB

Crampy Steel
A CTF map made with Mario Vasquez's sweet tech textures. A little cramped....Date:07/23/04
Size:3.12 MB
Author:Maximillian Augustus "BlackFish" Daley

The Thorn Supremacy
Another CTF map. This time it's based off of the UT fan favorite....Date:07/26/04
Size:11.39 KB
Author:Maximillian Augustus "BlackFish" Daley

The Zero for 150! (Happy NS150!!!!)
SargeBaldy and ZarcyB are sent onto a magical adventure with tricks and flips....Date:10/06/03
Size:12.59 KB

A map for the canned DM megaWAD....Date:10/20/05
Size:8.36 KB

Blzut3's Untitled Project 1
3 Levels I made ages ago, it was going to be a full episode but I could go any farther. I may extend onto it someday....Date:04/25/06
Size:166.25 KB

Break-in 4
The final WAD of the Break-in Quadrology! This is ranked EXPERT, making it quite difficult to complete. This time, you are breaking into a SPACE STATION, and are to steal top secret weapon blueprints. Along the way however, you meet some unexpected...Date:03/13/07
Size:198.12 KB

Black Void CTF
This is a CTF level on void platforms just like those Quake 3 levels. I've split it up into parts connected via teleporters, to reduce possible slowdown on the far areas on the map. All teleports are marked with particle fountains. To keep the gamepl...Date:06/07/04
Size:294.85 KB

Black Void CTF 2
Since the old one sucked, I made a new one. No teleporters this time, but note that the jump pads only spring you up, so learn to use them correctly. The map might slow down on older machines....Date:09/22/04
Size:432.75 KB

The Cacodemon Factory
A very little map whit some scripts, mostly inspired by my contribution to the famous 1monster project... this one is a sort of factory\space station\demon hive\whatever base.... Contains also a bonus map can i done in 1997 circa and fell damn good...Date:10/25/06
Size:374.57 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Chips Ahoy
This was originaly to be map03 in DreamDM, but it's simply to big to be played on. I'm releasing it, because i think it looks quite good, and don't want it going to waste. So, if you have a 5 ghz PC, you should be able to DM on it. Enjoy. BTW, it's...Date:07/31/04
Size:1.47 MB

Skulltag CTFL
Based heavily off of a map for Tribes 2. I modified the idea a bit aswell. Each team starts with the enemy flag in their base, they must take the enemy flag and run it through the map to thier flag in the enemy base....Date:01/11/07
Size:24.37 KB

Capture the Flag 1
Story, eh? Well, there was this guy and he was like "OMG CTF" and this other guy was like "OMG!" and then they were like "OMG SKULLTAG" and then a sudden event change happened when two other guys appeared and they were like "OMG CTF" and the first tw...Date:04/21/03
Size:512.11 KB
Author:Dean "deathz0r" Joseph

Calavera de Hierro Deathmatch
A tribute to famous heavy metal bands wad, each map represents one song of a different band. Also comes with new DECORATE weapons taken from Weapons Factory Wad and others made and modified by myself, and also player skins taken from different sour...Date:03/27/08
Size:12.52 MB
Author:Noldor Ranzou

SPACEDM5 inspired Space map....Date:08/07/09
Size:441.06 KB

Dandrunky -or- Danarchy Does Doom Drunk
So last night I got drunk and made this wad. It's suprisingly fun considering, though tough as hell (I didn't even test it without IDDQD). It features all the SKulltag monsters and most of the weapon, too!...Date:03/28/05
Size:25.73 KB
Author:Dan "Danarchy" Woodward

Gothic Duel map...Date:12/16/06
Size:148.21 KB

Gothic Duel maps...Date:12/16/06
Size:1.79 MB

Lava Pits
Skulltag duel level set in a small techbase area surrounded by lava. My first released level. I have some other wads in the works, but this was nice and short, and a good departure from the massive SP levels I'm working on....Date:06/25/04
Size:268.84 KB

Dream Duel
A set of Duel levels with designs based on dreams I had, or ideas sparked while I lie in bed trying to sleep. I didn't stick to a particular theme, so the levels range from castles to floating platforms in hellsky. The only consistent theme is the ...Date:07/02/04
Size:4.93 MB

Decapitation: CTF
9-map CTF pack for Skulltag, aimed for 2 on 2 gameplay. It really didn't turn out that great, I had problems with mappers block and the later maps turned out bad, so only maps 01-03 are really worth anything....Date:12/17/04
Size:1.44 MB

This is a 18-map duel set for Skulltag. The maps have a varying shape, size, layout and theme, and most of them use ZDoom/Skulltag effects, so there should be something for everyone. These maps are meant for duels, but they can handle up to four play...Date:11/06/04
Size:3.19 MB

Decapitation 2
A new edition to the Decapitation series of wads, this time 9 maps, a single-player campaign with lots of new bots for offline play at any time and six groovy music tracks! The wad turned out well, no symmetrical maps and fast-as-ever gameplay. These...Date:04/03/05
Size:1.29 MB

Decapitation: Skulltag Teamgame
5-map Teamgame set for Skulltag. Turned out alright, uses many special features, so check for a tutorial....Date:12/28/04
Size:1.85 MB

Egyptian Quick map...Date:12/16/06
Size:235.87 KB

Descent into The Absolute
A UAC base gone haywire. You will fight in Hell eventually. A few base levels are distorted by the influence of Hell....Date:11/06/10
Size:12.18 MB

Disposal Duelv.1.3
It's a small disposal base......Date:06/24/09
Size:140.94 KB

Deimos Laboratory 419
A small 1v1 DM/duel map for SKulltag, set in a laboratory on Deimos....Date:03/09/07
Size:59.74 KB
Author:Woolie Wool

daimon dojo
If you remember the movie "Matrix", there's a part in the where Neo and Morpheus fighting into a sort of little martial arts gym (dojo), well i'll tried to remake a similar place but this time using the doom\skulltag stuff over the bare hand figthing...Date:10/31/07
Size:1.57 MB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

An (obviously) symmetrical map set in a hellish marble temple-like thing. Some frantic close-quarters battles as well as more open areas. The powerups are rather difficult to get (you'll soon see why)....Date:10/04/04
Size:1.44 MB
Author:Woolie Wool

DogTag 3 for ST
This wad takes DogTag3, a classic set of team-based multiplayer maps from 1996, and updates them to be compatible with Skulltag's self titled game mode. Seeing as how these are some of the original maps which inspired the Skulltag concept to begin wi...Date:04/07/10
Size:438.62 KB
Author:Revenant & MrBlonde

Dream Deathmatch
The follow-up to Dream Duel, this time with levels designed with deatmatch in mind....Date:07/31/04
Size:4.19 MB

Twelve dueling maps for Skulltag...Date:05/15/07
Size:986.11 KB
Author:DJShrimpy and Mentos

Destination Unknown - SkullTag Edition
A newschool coop wad, intended to be fun. Originally made for ZDaemon, this version has been fixed to work with SkullTag....Date:02/23/07
Size:1.85 MB

Dynamite Deathmatch 1.1
A pack of 11 Deathmatch maps of varying themes. They're pretty much maps that I've accumulated over the past year, so the quality isn't as consistant as I'd like it to be; but I suppose it doesn't really matter. I just hope you guys can have fun with...Date:08/16/06
Size:2.89 MB

Twilight Duel
Randomly decided to doodle on a grid paper, then that paper turned into a map!...Date:03/27/06
Size:28.41 KB
Author:Nick "DD_133" McCarthy

This was supposed to be a 30 level megawad, however i just havnt the time to do such a thing any more. There are 8 maps in all. Levels 10, 20, and 30 are boss levels. The other levels are 1-5...Date:12/10/05
Size:1.78 MB

Duel/Deathmatch levels based around different phobias. I started this project in 1999, with Kliqten, I lost interest in it , and I assume he eventually did too. I've decided to revisit the concept, and this is the result. For the music I chose to u...Date:08/18/04
Size:5.32 MB

Former Friend
This little mod adds a new threat to cooperative gaming, if you or another player dies, their corpse will soon become possessed, spasm, and reanimite as a brain-dead zombie with a shotgun! Watch out! Trust no one! Designed with Skulltag's Survival-Co...Date:07/01/09
Size:37.46 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

The Forgotten Temple
A small deathmatch map made for the SkullTag engine which features a hellish theme, using Basic editing features such as slopes, to make a good looking, fun deathmatch map recommended for 2 to 4 players....Date:01/01/04
Size:183.38 KB
Author:Agent Spork

Follet Deathmatch Beta2
No history... IS A DEATHMATCH MAN!!!111oneoneone...Date:02/22/08
Size:398.43 KB
Author:Francisco "Folley the Great" Duran

This is a deathmach wad that is meant to be played by 2-6 people. It has some good spots to take cover and has a fast pace....Date:07/05/07
Size:37.14 KB

This is a 12 DM map and 6 Duel map wad for ST. Its the 3rd installment of the Fxdms series. This latest one features new, crazier and higher detailed maps, New weapon recolours, sounds and midi music and GFX's. This is one of the most packed and craz...Date:08/23/07
Size:3.71 MB
Author:Siliconwolf (Aka. Mophonix) + 3Dfx

gamarra death match!!!!!!
Gamarra is bored and wants to see some people killing each other in his arena... But the architectural of arena is daimon holy shit!!!!!...Date:02/20/07
Size:42.21 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

GET OFF MY LAND 2: The Unofficial Sequel
This is an unoffical sequel to Richard Wilkins's map "GET OFF MY LAND". While I found the title hilarious, I was sorely disappointed by the wad itself, which was something typical of 1994 or so and had nothing to do with crotchety old farmers waving ...Date:06/03/09
Size:162.96 KB

Gravitation Deathmatch
A Deathmatch map designed for anti-gravitation combat. You start in a small room, you just have to activate the ANTI-GRAVITY SWITCH, and then pick one of the three scenarios. You can choose between a Nazi Temple (number 1) a big Storage Area (number ...Date:09/11/08
Size:98.39 KB
Author:Roberto Fuentes, aka Frozen Prison, aka [SUR]Frozenjail

Grave Robber
A CTF map for Heretic....Date:03/28/09
Size:152.81 KB

Ghouls vs Humans
Ghouls versus Humans is a class based deathmatch Wad which will bring the horrors of The Ghouls Forest to the deathmatch arena! Players will be able to choose from the three main ghouls from Ghoul 3 or three different types of humans. Each human and...Date:01/08/09
Size:24.64 MB

Hall of evil
A simple skulltag map I made for invasion. It gets very hard...Date:01/14/07
Size:41.47 KB

Allows any CTF map to be played in the Harvester game mode, based on the respective mode from Quake 3: Team Arena. To play, load the mod and start any CTF map under "teamgame". Requires Skulltag 97d3 or later. I think 97d2 can be used if the CLIENT...Date:11/21/08
Size:5.25 KB

Hell Underneath
These are 5 brand new levels for skulltag. There is no real story. I created: MAP01 MAP02 MAP04 And daimon created MAP03 and MAP 05...Date:06/23/07
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Hardcore_gamer and Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Hissy the Soul Collector
Atop a ridge overlooking this arena, Hissy awaits the next victim to fall to a superior warrior, so that she may absorb the loser's soul......Date:12/29/04
Size:26.62 KB

The Corrupt Pit of Hell
My very first attempt at mapping back in December. I'm more of a modder but I found the calling of mapping to be a tough offer to pass up. So I did. Hell has broken through the ground at a small alien colony on Titan. The maintenance crew, unaware ...Date:04/29/07
Size:779.71 KB
Author:Steve "Vermilion" Thiesmeyer

Ice Base
A deathmatch level for Skulltag set in an icy landscape. Fight in the base itself, in the ice cave, on the frozen lake, or out on the snow. All Skulltag weapons and runes are included to make a more interesting fight....Date:03/22/04
Size:161.21 KB
Author:The Net Nomad

Community Instagib Mappack
Size:41.06 MB
Author:Lead by Brett "Mechadon" Harrell. See below for contributor credits.

This may be one of the last maps I'll ever make since I'm considering dropping mapping for a good while - I've made so many maps, that it just isn't interesting anymore... Anyway, this map consists of several areas floating in the sky, connected via ...Date:02/06/05
Size:293.67 KB

Illyngo Underworld
Well, here's an another one! Most stuff said about the first one stands here as well. It's a tad longer and harder, some new stuff and a different theme. Nothing to say about it, really....Date:02/24/05
Size:288.54 KB

InuBot 1
Bot based off my favorite anime character, InuYasha....Date:05/07/05
Size:14.36 KB

Band of Captures
no runes, no bfg....Date:11/11/02
Size:56.95 KB
Author:Pekka "kulma" Korolainen

This map is more of a experiment, i want to see if a map that has details like the first doom and decent gameplay can score good reviews without having to put any extreme detail into it and at the same time make sure the level does not look like crap...Date:05/23/07
Size:36.49 KB

King of the Hill
King of the hill is a 10 map wad using a custom made game mode made by ACS (for skulltag) The objective is to gain the hill and hold it for as long as you can....Date:06/25/07
Size:7.93 MB

CramMped Capture The Flag
8-map CTF mappack....Date:05/30/08
Size:611.69 KB

Lava Arena 3
Set in a tech base using the brick -N- metal theme, this one is the best in the series....Date:10/17/04
Size:317.79 KB

A brick and metal map for St/Zdoom, and a remake of my old map....Date:06/07/04
Size:373.36 KB

Lightning DeathMatch SkullTag Edition
Infurnus Free-Time-Works has worked for four long years on Lightning DeathMatch, only to go on hiatus. This summer (2006), you will not only get completely re-mastered classics from the original, but new and un-released maps from the author! EDIT: Ye...Date:07/14/06
Size:1.44 MB

Lo Wang
Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior, Primarily for use in Skulltag. Use lo-wang.wad if you're using Skulltag, and lo-wangzd.wad for ZDoom. Includes a botfile for Skulltag....Date:06/27/08
Size:1.03 MB

Macilbot v1.0
A Skulltag bot, however it can be used as a skin also. See directions....Date:07/16/05
Size:538.99 KB
Author:Halden "Baphomet" Richards

Mario Skulltag DM
Size:83.76 KB

Megaaussie's Mega Deathmatch
Just 3 deathmatch maps. MAP01 is my favourite, as MAP02 is a bit laggy and MAP03 is WAY TOO SMALL. I am planning to finish (make bigger) map02 and map03 but don't hold your breath....Date:09/19/06
Size:354.18 KB

"Pyrethrum is a small powerplant located on the firey satellite, Io. After various freak accidents during UAC's portal experiments, the plant was abandoned. Years later it was recommisioned for use, but it was found that the past portal experiments t...Date:05/14/08
Size:823.63 KB
Author:Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell

Titanium Tide 1024 - Gold Editon!
Size:1.63 MB
Author:Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell

This is my second oldest surviving map that I still have, and my very first DM map ever. However, the gameplay and layout are pretty awful, so I wouldn't really even bother playing it. I uploaded it for nostalgia reasons, I suppose. (Note from Mech...Date:02/23/17
Size:217.52 KB
Author:Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell

Vertigone II: Ruins of Vertigone
This was the sequel to my first DM map, Vertigone ...hence the 'II'. If I had known more about mapping and detail, the original would have looked something like this since the original concept was some sort of floating ruins. The map is fairly large ...Date:05/14/08
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell

Mario Fort Invasion
1 map fun Invasion....Date:03/30/07
Size:66.09 KB

Mortal Kombat Doom
MKDoom recreates the gameplay style and feel of the old school MK games. Two direction movement, only fist for a weapon, and jumping (adjust you sv_gravity to 400 to be able to jump over a player)...Date:07/11/06
Size:14.1 MB

Nothing Like UT2004
A large CTF map that was inspired by Unreal Tournament 2004, yet is nothing like it(hence the name). Has my usual tech theme, with built in Skulltag textures used, some Metallica music, and good gameplay. Note: more than 4 players is strongly advised...Date:09/28/04
Size:491.32 KB

Mystical Paths
This 15-map set takes you though various places during a demon invasion, with a storyline carried over via intermission texts. The wad is split up into three chapters. ZDoom/Skulltag effects are used, also a lot of Skulltag textures and and monsters....Date:08/18/04
Size:652.22 KB

Interesting Dm Style of maps...Date:10/07/06
Size:1.14 MB

Ni'mrod: Hell on Exdeus
A map set in the nimrod universe (doesn't follow the story on though) set on Exdeus. NOTE: You must select nimrodpd.wad as the last wad to be dragged for the mapinfo to work right....Date:10/15/06
Size:738.41 KB
Author:Adam "Homer" Wood

Ni'mRoD - Project Doom
A skulltag modification bringing new weapons skins and maps to the scene....Date:12/12/05
Size:15.44 MB
Author:Team Future

Nothing v1.0
Very large DM made for playing at least 4 players. Inspired by Quake 3, More verisons to come!!!!!...Date:12/26/05
Size:80.53 KB
Author:Joe Winiarski

Narrow Canyon
Just decided I wanted to make a CTF map. Visually it's not that great but it makes a great CTF game....Date:03/25/05
Size:17.88 KB

Nuclear Deathmatch
Deathmatch map set in a Nukage Plant....Date:09/19/04
Size:433.32 KB

Obelisk of Blood
One litle Deathmatch arena with jump pads...Date:04/18/05
Size:48.39 KB
Author:NeoWorm (Prokop Smetana)

Odamex CTF
A set of eight CTF Standard Capture the Flag evels MAP01: "The Ride" by AlexMax MAP02: "Something Epic II" by AlexMax MAP03: "Pagan CTF" by AlexMax MAP04: "Zero Fort" by Ralphis MAP05: "Toxic Fortress" by AgentSpork MAP06: "Lava Incorporated" by Al...Date:01/31/07
Size:1.68 MB
Author:AlexMax, Ralphis, AgentSpork, deathz0r, Toke

This is a Skulltag single-player map, in a brick castle. Not too big, but with plenty of monsters, and a few traps....Date:09/22/04
Size:63.51 KB

Ossuary 2 - Plains Of Hell
The sequel to Ossuary (duh), this level is basically one big room, one big battle. The megasphere is all the health on the map so play carefully and let the monsters kill each other. At least some strategy is required. The game might slow down if you...Date:09/22/04
Size:114 KB

Convert any CTF map into an overload map. Works with all 2-team, 3-team, and 4-team CTF modes. To play set the game mode to "teamgame" and start a CTF map....Date:11/16/08
Size:28.41 KB

Project Dark Zone
An atmospheric mapset with a high LOD, good fights and reasnobly non-linear design....Date:03/04/06
Size:11.92 MB

Perforated Entrails (light version)
This wad is a action packed Skulltag/ZDoom wad with 5 amazing deathmatch maps, 1 domination maps and one for the "CTF" mode! It includes also nice screamtracker music, lots of nice textures from quake 2 (thx to "Afterglow" for the conversion pack), s...Date:09/18/01
Size:8.33 MB

Hangar 22 Invasion
A 6 wave Invasion map and also my 1st attempt at one....Date:05/10/10
Size:40.63 KB

P.K. Skulltag Final Release
5-map ST mappack....Date:05/22/08
Size:1.39 MB
Author:Kuchikitaichou and Pluit

A medium-sized CTF map for Skulltag....Date:03/17/05
Size:1.63 MB
Author:Infinite Ammunition

PYEwad (Skulltag Version)
A collection of maps made by random people you don't know! These maps were made for no reason but for fun. Please Enjoy. Each map (with one exception) will comfortably fit 4 people minimum. I know you are never going to read the read me ( I never do)...Date:10/16/08
Size:3.78 MB
Author:Team PYE

Quake 3 Tourney 6
Remake of the original,hope you like it :P Jump pads going to the BFG 10k are hard to get used to but THEY DO WORK!...Date:12/30/05
Size:30.68 KB
Author:Joe Winiarski

Relentless Beating Capture The Flag
15 CTF maps for Skulltag...Date:06/11/09
Size:18.21 MB
Author:Metalhead Cacodemon Kitty Midian Catoptromancy Mechadon Rottking

Relentless Beating Deathmatch
High detailed, Newschool deathmatch made by the mapper members of Relentless Beating....Date:06/11/09
Size:3.06 MB

A 5 map duel set for skulltag with different themes each level, with lots of flowing gameplay...Date:01/14/05
Size:1.23 MB

Duel maps are my favorite type of maps I create in Doom Builder, especially the maps wich are small and have a fast gameplay. This project contains some of my previous duel maps and ofcourse brand new maps....Date:03/23/09
Size:387.54 KB

Rf Arena 1
My first skulltag map. I think it came out pretty well. Supports 8 players...Date:10/06/05
Size:95.92 KB

Route Hawk 66
Based off the long route 66 across the desert of the US, I made a small DM map, wanting to make it fit for duels....Date:11/25/05
Size:151.6 KB
Author:Nick "DD_133" McCarthy

Clan [SA] Duel mappack
11 map package of pure newschool dwelling...Date:05/22/08
Size:558.4 KB
Author:Silicon Wolf ( 3Dfx Xaver ( Dancso (danny666@citromail

Savage Assassin Duel 2
Sequal to the first [SA] Duel wad...Date:05/26/10
Size:6 MB
Author:Savage Assassin members

Satan's Arena
Size:23.46 KB
Author:Pascal "Gherkin" vd Heiden

Smart CTF - IDL 2011 Edition
Competition style CTF maps that favor strategy rather than brute fragging and stalling....Date:08/21/11
Size:2.25 MB

The shadow War2
Asome what of an inprovement...Date:01/30/06
Size:10.79 KB
Author:Bryan Garza

The shadow War
A eerie,dark,and trap filled level...Date:01/22/06
Size:11.67 KB
Author:Bryan Garza

Shotgun for Two REVOLUTIONS
You might want to check SHTGUN42.WAD and SHTG42RL.WAD for some background info around this wad. This REVOLUTIONS release is a major improvement from the previous versions. It leverages all the power of Skulltag and adds several cool features and conc...Date:07/10/09
Size:85.47 KB
Author:Daniel Aguilera; Nicolas Foppiani

Skullspeed DM
A small speedmapping session created 4 speedmaps made in 24 hours....Date:01/05/10
Size:479.79 KB
Author:PUN1SH3R, SNIPER 109, Malinku, and Peanut

SL-9: Resurrection (demo)
This is a revamped 3 map demo of the original SL-9 wad. Has better gameplay and lots of new stuff!...Date:10/09/06
Size:94.31 KB

SnowyCTF (yeah, the title sucks)
A CTF map, set in a nifty snowy environment....Date:08/15/06
Size:155.25 KB
Author:Ben Wachal (Guitar Man)

Space Deathmatch V (1.1 bugfix update)
: The Skulltag wad with which one ushers in the future....Date:01/08/10
Size:8.96 MB
Author:Various [Jetsons] members: Esselfortium Zap610 Xaser Kate RottKing Killingblair deathz0r Revenant Tu

SpaceDM9 is a set of smooth-flowing deathmatch maps with a combined focus on open-ended gameplay, grand architecture, and unique, modern settings. Built for the Skulltag engine, these levels are designed to take full advantage of the ZDoom software r...Date:11/14/11
Size:16.92 MB
Author:Esselfortium, Mechadon, [Jetsons] (full credits below)

Speed DM Anthology
29 Deathmatch speedmaps over the course of 3 speedmapping sessions...Date:03/30/10
Size:2.1 MB

Malinku's speedmapping session 1
4 maps made in 24 hours on December 13th 2009 Theme was to to make a DM map. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map 01: Pump-up Deathmatch Station by Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri Map 02:...Date:12/19/09
Size:164.94 KB
Author:Malinku, Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri & Philnemba

Temple Of Chaos
Temple of Chaos is a pretty lousy SkullTag map I made in a couple of hours to ease my boredom, so please, if you're going to bug me about how crappy this map is, be sure to keep in mind I was bored and tired when I made this map. Oh, did I mention I ...Date:07/28/04
Size:173.24 KB
Author:Agent Spork

dark and slightly hellish, a little tricky...Date:06/19/06
Size:14.76 KB

Skulltag CTF
Skulltag's offical CTF pack....Date:04/03/05
Size:4.38 MB
Author:IZM, Danny, Meph, 999Cop and Exl (see automap or intermission to see who made which level).

Skulltag Community Domination Project
Size:6.86 MB
Author:Team Lead - Ryan Wilshere aka Aabra Team Co-lead - Rivecoder

Skulltag Soccer
This is a soccer modification for the Skulltag teamgame mode....Date:08/03/05
Size:2.11 MB
Author:The authors of ZFBall and Brandon Del Bel

Skulltag Soccer
This is a soccer modification for the Skulltag teamgame mode...Date:01/13/11
Size:2.06 MB
Author:The authors of ZFBall, Brandon Del Bel, and Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

Skulltag Forums Adventures!
Your mission is to take over the Skulltag Forums!...Date:02/29/04
Size:43.59 KB

Skulltag Community LMS Project
7 maps by 6 authors, all themed for LMS. Wad made in two weeks. The maps are FFA-compatible and should we played with at least 4 players, some maps can handle even over 8!...Date:05/22/05
Size:1.87 MB

Skulltag Community LMS Project Version 2
14 maps by 9 authors, all themed for LMS. Wad made a month. The maps are FFA-compatible and should we played with at least 4 players, some maps can handle even over 8!...Date:07/29/05
Size:3 MB

Skulltag Community LMS Project Version 3
18 maps by 12 authors, all themed for LMS. The maps are FFA-compatible and should we played with at least 4 players, some maps can handle even over 8!...Date:03/12/07
Size:5.84 MB

Submarine Deathmatch
Submarine Map I did with some cool traps in it....Date:10/06/05
Size:154.73 KB

Submerge Deathmatch Pack 1
6 maps for Deathmatch, and 3 for Capture the flag! This is my first major WAD debut, so...Date:05/07/05
Size:867.31 KB
Author:Joel R. Poston aka Submerge

Submerge Deathmatch Pack 2
My second set of deathmatch wads, coupled with one really great CTF map! There would have been more, including 2 more CTF maps and 1 more DM map, but the inspiration to finish them.... is not with me currently, and I think it's been long enough sin...Date:07/16/05
Size:411.09 KB
Author:Joel R. Poston aka Submerge

Size:9.2 KB

A last man standing map inspired by Daggerfall....Date:04/22/06
Size:276.09 KB

Inspired by Duke Nukem's "Tier Drops", this level consists of 4 different zones: Nature Zone, Hell Zone, Cave Zone and Lava Zone. Almost all weapons are here....Date:07/28/05
Size:11.48 KB
Author:Jacek 'Illdo' Dobrzyniecki

Thirst for Blood v2.0
This is my first map DeathMatch. I am not an expert in the creation of maps, however, believe that the end result pleases the fans of Doom. Some features: 1) There is only 1 BFG and 1 PLASMA GUN in the game! 2) Put on a platform with the rune R...Date:02/05/10
Size:192.59 KB
Author:Laete Meireles (a.k.a Drak[X])

The CodeImp Realm
Tech/Quake style CTF map for Skull Tag....Date:03/26/04
Size:167.33 KB
Author:Pascal vd Heiden

Total Darkness
An atmospheric and enjoyable level....Date:05/09/05
Size:97.53 KB

Total Darkness 2
A dark level full of detail and difficulty....Date:06/20/05
Size:623.27 KB

Total Darkness 3
The third level in the Dark, thrilling series :P...Date:07/02/05
Size:590.82 KB

Total Darkness 4
An attempt to make an extremley linear map as interesting as possible by creating atmosphere and attempting to have intense battles....Date:12/09/05
Size:590.5 KB

Total Darkness 5
Originally my cc3 contribution, the lack of support of the wad forced me to release this as a standalone level. I thought this was a worhty level for my series. This also explains the lack of skulltag features....Date:12/09/05
Size:204.02 KB

Total Darkness 6
The final in my series is personally my favourite, with better gameplay and visuals to match....Date:12/21/05
Size:620.71 KB
Author:Adam "evilhomerdoomer" Wood

No Swiping
Standard CTF map...Date:09/11/06
Size:142.88 KB

Temple of the Flags
A temple with lots of wide open spaces and bridges....Date:08/22/09
Size:342.53 KB
Author:Mr. Nice Guy

made out of complete boredom, but it doesnt suck that bad, it just sucks....Date:06/02/06
Size:16.99 KB

just a collection of maps with little to moderate coherance...Date:04/16/07
Size:209.84 KB

Toxic Province
The theme is sorta... toxic-ish....Date:09/22/06
Size:562.49 KB

Skulltag instabig/lms map...Date:01/08/07
Size:878.07 KB

Taboo Turf: CTF
A reworked version of TabooTurf from the Skulltag LMS pack (stlmsv2.wad), but modified for CTF play. I was going to do the modifications myself, but Johnny went ahead and did them for me, much to my angst....Date:08/06/05
Size:360.02 KB
Author:Jehar (with ctf-ization by Johnny)

Ungay SkullTag
A team fortress style map with two... fortresses. Some inspiration by 2fort5 in basic structure, the inside is decidedly different and is frankly far less simplistic, with defenses such as turrets and force fields to make things more interesting. The...Date:10/24/03
Size:102.16 KB
Author:Owen "SargeBaldy" Lloyd Kara "Nanami" Rader

The Unknown Invasion
Four invasion maps for Skulltag. Note: Do not try map04 on Ultra-Violence in single player, unless you've either got cheats on or you're some kind of god....Date:01/25/07
Size:155.67 KB
Author:Forty-Two aka Stewboy

Just a demo for a Skulltag version of the "Unmaker"...Date:04/25/07
Size:75.2 KB
Author:Ryan Dupler (mastofmet)

UnlimitedStar23's Skulltag Deathmatch Party
16 Deathmatch Maps by UnlimitedStar23...Date:01/09/06
Size:770.22 KB

UnlimitedStar23's Skulltag Deathmatch Party
18 Deathmatch Maps from BeeJay :)...Date:12/16/05
Size:966.99 KB

UnlimitedStar23's Skulltag Deathmatch Party
Deathmatch Maps by UnlimitedStar23...Date:02/19/08
Size:2.49 MB

Ultimate Torment & Torture Invasion
A 5 Map Set for Skulltag's Invasion mode based in the world of Torment & Torture and created for Coop / Multiplayer...Date:04/26/07
Size:6.97 MB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Unreal Tournament Announcer
Announcer from Unreal Tournament for Skulltag 95b...Date:10/03/03
Size:1.24 MB

Speed of Corvus
Another short speedmapping session for heretic made by some dudes in doomworld forums all in the 24 hours of 09\05\10. This time theme is capture the flag gameplay. See v-hsms4-info.txt for more information....Date:09/12/10
Size:1.64 MB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri, Philnemba, imp lord2

A dm wad i have been working on. Spawned from my hate of people using the size of the map as a crutch for hiding and being sneaky. This mapset is for true deathmatch games, nonestop action . Most people prolly wont like it because its not the norm, o...Date:08/02/06
Size:296.83 KB

You have been sent to the bloody inner core of the earth to do some cleaning-up....Date:03/20/05
Size:69.9 KB

The Volcano Facility
The Volcano Facility is a wad that takes place inside (and outside) a factory/base nestled inside a volcano, as the name suggests. It's made for all modes of Skulltag except for CTF....Date:04/23/05
Size:120.71 KB
Author:Eternal Dreams

Wart 01
A medium sized single player level, showing off some of the new features Skulltag has to offer....Date:09/28/03
Size:76 KB
Author:Brad Carney (Carnevil)

Wart 02: Heart of Fire
A somewhat large single player level, showing off some of the new features Skulltag has to offer....Date:10/12/03
Size:4.08 MB
Author:Brad Carney (Carnevil)

Wart 03: Chamber of Sin
A somewhat large single player level, showing off some of the new features Skulltag has to offer....Date:02/29/04
Size:4.82 MB
Author:Brad Carney (Carnevil)

wackyhq Botpack 1
A botpack made for Skulltag. Has 8 new bots, 5 of which are original, 3 of which are people based....Date:04/04/05
Size:35.46 KB
Author:Samuel "insertwackynamehere" Horwitz, Bouncy, Dron

WTF! Capture the Flag
The third installment to the WTF series of maps, with absolutely no effort into it this time around....Date:02/04/06
Size:915.63 KB
Author:Nick "DD_133" McCarthy

WTF?! DeathMatch
A joke map set, most intended to make you go "WTF". Also intended to provide some really strange fun moments. Everything that happens here, is intended. Fun for 2-4 players!...Date:01/20/05
Size:524.14 KB

WTF Clan DM 1
1 fairly large level. Contains many Skulltag...Date:04/13/04
Size:37.7 KB
Author:Shawn Huckabay

WTF! Deathmatch II
The sequel to WTF Deathmatch, this mapset also contains 11 maps. Maps 1 to 10 and 32. Expect strange, funny, and possibly scary gameplay....Date:06/27/05
Size:1.56 MB
Author:Nick "DD_133" McCarthy

Wild Wild West
Just a deathmatch map....Date:03/09/07
Size:118.87 KB

Yume Nikki deathmatch V1
Play in the surreal world of yume nikki, in 3d!...Date:11/24/11
Size:20.71 MB

This is an early example of things to come in the "CavDM7" DM mappack that will be arriving within the next couple of months. Keep in mind, though it seems like a jokewad, its main purpose is to experiment with gameplay styles. (Akin to Quake 3, poss...Date:04/27/05
Size:7.21 KB

zbloodpak for skulltag
this is a version of zbloodpak with edited decorate lumps to make it work on the new skulltag. since some skulltag lumps are already identified in the wad, the other decorate lumps are named with "2"s at the end of them. (ex darkimp2) permission from...Date:04/08/07
Size:13.97 MB
Author:steve "vermilion" thiesmeyer

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