Title: Capture the Flag 1
Filename: deathmatch/skulltag/ctfz0r1.zip
Size: 512.11 KB
Date: 04/21/03
Author: Dean "deathz0r" Joseph
E-mail: deathz0r@zdaemon.org
Description: Story, eh? Well, there was this guy and he was like "OMG CTF" and this other guy was like "OMG!" and then they were like "OMG SKULLTAG" and then a sudden event change happened when two other guys appeared and they were like "OMG CTF" and the first two guys were like "OMG PLAY US FAGS" and they did.
Credits: Ralphis for being a fag, Carnevil for liking it.
Base: Well uhh, it's based off a UDM1 map I made, Ralphis did about 10% of the origiinal UDM1 map that is still in this level (lazy shit).
Build time: For the CTF modification, 2 hours
Editor(s) used: Wadauthor, the level editor for champions
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