Title: Dodgeball Doom!
Filename: deathmatch/skulltag/dball.zip
Size: 11.91 MB
Date: 03/02/09
Author: Captain Toenail, Zaerg, Mati, Crazy Chicken, Viscous1107, FuzzballFox, FireWolf
Description: A highly addictive and hilarious new game mode brought to you by the Skulltag community, hurl dodgeballs and knock opponents out of the contest, can also be played in team deathmatch mode.
Credits: MAP01: Dodgeball Arena by Zaerg MAP02: Ice Arena by Captain Toenail MAP03: King of the Hill by Captain Toenail MAP04: Motion Sickness by Captain Toenail MAP05: Dueling Arena by Captain Toenail MAP06: P.E. Lesson by Mati MAP07: Polygon Arena by Zaerg MAP08: HellBall by Viscous1107 MAP09: Sloped Madness by FuzzballFox MAP10: Final Dodgestination by LordOfHell MAP11: Last Stand by Captain Toenail MAP12: Balls and Sandpaper by FireWolf MAP13: Hangar Ball by Crazy Chicken MAP14: Desert Convoy by Zaerg
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A few hours
Editor(s) used: SlumpEd, XWE, DoomBuilder, XNView, GIMP
Rating: (15 votes)
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