Title: Decapitation
Filename: deathmatch/skulltag/decapit.zip
Size: 3.19 MB
Date: 11/06/04
Author: Mephisto
Description: This is a 18-map duel set for Skulltag. The maps have a varying shape, size, layout and theme, and most of them use ZDoom/Skulltag effects, so there should be something for everyone. These maps are meant for duels, but they can handle up to four players.
Credits: Mad props to Tom_D for lots of playtesting, map ideas, finding music and the titlepic for me and some map names. Pritch and deathz0r for playtesting. y0da, PM, and Sleepless Software for the music. Whoever made that titlepic. Carnevil for Skulltag. DD_133 for being a total asshole.
Base: Scratch
Build time: A week
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, Deepsea
Bugs: None, hopefully
Rating: (4 votes)
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