Title: DogTag 3 for ST
Filename: deathmatch/skulltag/dogtagst.zip
Size: 438.62 KB
Date: 04/07/10
Author: Revenant & MrBlonde
Description: This wad takes DogTag3, a classic set of team-based multiplayer maps from 1996, and updates them to be compatible with Skulltag's self titled game mode. Seeing as how these are some of the original maps which inspired the Skulltag concept to begin with, I thought it would be fitting to make them more accessible and playable with a modern online source port.

These play similarly to most Skulltag maps, with one interesting difference. Rather than simply grabbing the enemy team's skull from out of their base, two teammates must work together to get the enemy team's skull from their own base. One person must infiltrate the enemy base and flip a switch, which exposes the enemy skull back at their base for a few seconds, allowing the second person to grab it.

Once they do that, the person with the skull has to make a run for the north side of the map where the score zone is. There's a field of lava surrounding the score area that only the person with the skull can enter, but other players have lots of room to try and take that person out from the ground nearby. Once the person scores successfully, they get teleported back to the main area to try and score again.

Here are the changes I made in this version: - Removed the former MAP03 (FragTag). That's for two players, this isn't. - Radiation suits replaced with the red and blue skulls - Replaced the entire complicated scoring lane mechanism with Skulltag's score pillars and some behind-the-scenes ACS scripting - Removed the score displays and other 'indicator' objects since Skulltag does this stuff itself - Added more player starts per map - Replaced some of the MIDI music with better sounding MOD versions - Removed extraneous linedefs and textures - Removed access to the BFG bonus room, since in ST you cannot continue play after the point limit is reached. I considered turning it into a 2-point score zone or something, but for now it's off-limits. Maybe in a later update.
Credits: MrBlonde and everyone else responsible for dogtag3, Talon and Aikman who created the Deathtag concept, Bryce Elder and Bjorn Lynne for the replacement music, the creator of zwadconv.exe, clavinet enthusiasts, #jetsons, Tom Jenkinson, and viewers like you. Thank you.
Base: Modified dogtag3.wad
Build time: A few hours + 14 years
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, SlumpEd
Bugs: None
Rating: (1 vote)
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Brilliant! I've been looking for a DeathTag mapset that works within a modern port's score system and framework. I can't believe I didn't realise SkullTag comes from DeathTag... Now it's so obvious!x

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