Title: Dynamite Deathmatch 1.1
Filename: deathmatch/skulltag/dynamite.zip
Size: 2.89 MB
Date: 08/16/06
Author: RottKing
Description: A pack of 11 Deathmatch maps of varying themes. They're pretty much maps that I've accumulated over the past year, so the quality isn't as consistant as I'd like it to be; but I suppose it doesn't really matter. I just hope you guys can have fun with it.
Credits: Monolith, 3DRealms, Lobotomy Software, id, and Western Quake 3 for being awesome and for inspiration. Crista Forest, Chris Buecheler, David Gevert, and Nick Baker for their various texture packs. "Gen", Hunt "Sage" Bridges, Connor Pelkey (Cyril), Insane Apu, SpinalBlood/Davide, CheapAlert(Leileilol), Gecko Yamori, Mark Jansen, Tsu Ryu, and Stockman of vgmusic.com for their various MIDIs that I used. Tom_D, Chaindude, Meatwad, Glortho, Manc, Deathz0r, and Nautilus for beta testing and/or giving advice. Nestea for linking me to the cool new logo, Aabra for helping me with the crazy cactus spawning script on map11, and Lazureus for the bridge trap script on map12. Finally, Mr. Carnevil(Carnbarn hehehe~!11) himself for Skulltag.
Base: Scratch
Build time: A couple of months
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, XWE, Cooledit Pro, and Paintshop Pro 9.
Bugs: Map04 and Map11 suffer from slowdown when bots are used, and Map08 has some flat mis-alignments lolz.
Rating: (39 votes)
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