Title: Super Mario Bros Deathmatch
Filename: deathmatch/skulltag/mdm.zip
Size: 2.01 MB
Date: 03/02/09
Author: Captain Toenail, Mati, Icytux, CrazyChicken, HnSolo77, Daimon
Description: A project brought to you by the ZDoom and Skulltag community, this is deathmatch in the Mushroom kingdom, an additional weapon mod was planned and contstructed that contained weapons such as Racoon and FireFlower morph pickups, but due to Skulltag's currect limited morph support and bugginess it has been scrapped, which is a real shame. MDM04 has been excluded from the maplist because it has awful gameplay value, but you can still warp to it if you are curious.

MDM01: Grassland by Captain Toenail MDM02: Subcon Kingdom by Captain Toenail MDM03: Mario's Undergrounds by Mati MDM05: Yoshi's Island by Icytux MDM06: The Waterfall by Crazy Chicken MDM07: Big Island by HnSolo77 MDM09: Desert Speed Trap by Daimon MDM10: Fortress of Fire by Captain Toenail MDM12: Lost Oasis by Captain Toenail MDM14: World 1 by HnSolo77 MDM15: Iced Land Arena by Captain Toenail MDM16: Underwater Battle by Mati MDM17: Panic Pyramid by Mati MDM04: Doomship by Captain Toenail
Credits: Kinsie for help with some Mario sound FX. Zhs2 for some help with Mario tiles. Doomsday for the awesome high-quality sound pack, and of course Nintendo for the Mario games and all the excellent textures and sounds.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A few weeks on and off so far
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder, SlumpEd, XWE
Bugs: Textures will look crap in software mode as they are PNG files with their own palettes, the stacked sector in MDM12 will not work in software mode. Use GL where possible to enjoy this wad to the max!
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