Title: Submerge Deathmatch Pack 2
Filename: deathmatch/skulltag/subdm2.zip
Size: 411.09 KB
Date: 07/16/05
Author: Joel R. Poston aka Submerge
Description: My second set of deathmatch wads, coupled with one really great CTF map!

There would have been more, including 2 more CTF maps and 1 more DM map, but the inspiration to finish them.... is not with me currently, and I think it's been long enough since you all got a DM map set from me. Enjoy!

MAP01: Apollyon's Cradle It's a dark little pocket of hell, with lots of weapons and plenty of cover

MAP02: Snake Dance (Bot Friendly) This twisting battlefield is perfect for grenades! Which is convenient, since there is nothing but grenades. aaand a BFG.

MAP03: Mortality (Bot Friendly) A pretty to look at temple with a couple hidden megaspheres. Use the speed to your advantage!

MAP04: Tyrant (Bot Friendly) I created this map MOSTLY because I'm sick of maps that drop you right on top of a ssg when you spawn. Enjoy the chaingun ^_^ the SSG and Minigun are hidden. Use the map's runes to your advantage during a duel

Scarab: Nowhere to run or hide, except for up. go for the High Jump and control the map with it

CTF01: Friggin outer Space Just you and the stars ^_^ A platform floating above space, flags on both ends, you know the deal. it's really EASY to max out your hp and armor on this map! Just don't get bitchslapped out into the vacuum of space by a railgun :D
Credits: Jehar for making the starry texture for CTF01, Adamizer for the last little needed tweak, Kaiser for assistance with my MAPINFO lump problem, Johnnyrules and Jehar for testing, Carnevil for testing, Killmur and Pinpoint for testing, everyone else for testing, and the skulltag community for making me want to map more ^_^
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A few months
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder
Bugs: Not that i know of. let me know!
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I think he needs to remove me from the credits listing. I hardley helped test this map pack. -Killmur-x
En partant je ne suis pas un fervant amateur des DM et en plus celui-ci tendance buger 2/5 - Eye'sx
Awesome. Five stars, my friend. -Saphx
first one seems far betterx
good job fucking up the screenshot to whoever review ed this.x

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