Title: DOOM Editing - A Getting Started Guide
Filename: docs/editing/dmguide.zip
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Date: 01/03/02
Author: John Bishop
Description: This document will give you an overall idea of what's involved in DOOM WAD creation and editing.

The problem is that you can't do this with a single utility, in fact I must have used or reviewed some thirty different utilities during the creation of my WADs, and it has taken me a lot of time and effort reading stuff and asking other people for help to find out what is often something really simple. And it takes a long while to sift through all the utilities there are out there to find the ones you really need.

So, this won't be a guide to WAD editing per se because there are some great documents out there already but it will give you a conceptual overview, an idea of the many things you can do when WAD editing and probably most importantly, links to the utilities and documents you will need. Hopefully, this will save you a LOT of time if you are just starting out, and may also be of help to the less experienced WAD authors.
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