Title: The Unofficial Doom Specs Release v1.666
Filename: docs/editing/dmspec16.zip
Size: 60.13 KB
Date: 12/14/94
Author: Matthew S Fell
Description: This document explains in great detail nearly all aspects of the doom WAD file format. And a new chapter (10) documents the location of data within DOOM.EXE itself, so that various unusual game-play changes can be made. This information has been updated to apply to DOOM 2 as well as DOOM 1.

The specs were originally conceived as an aid to programmers making DOOM utilities, especially map-editors. Coincidentally, there might also be information useful to advanced level designers and players.
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required reading for anyone doing any doom editing work even today. x
This shouldn't be less than legendary.x
Great stuff. Matt Fell's work in accumulating the combined efforts of early Doom fans in decoding the WAD formats and part of the executables was probably an essential handbook for the authors of most Doom level editors and other utilities. The author of EdMap liked the specs so much, he even included a hyperlinked version within the editor.x

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