Title: DOOM Special FX & WAD Tricks
Filename: docs/editing/dtricks1.zip
Size: 5.8 KB
Date: 04/04/96
Author: Mark Glenn
Description: Well, you asked for it. Doom Special FX and WAD Tricks is finnally out! With this, you can change your boring Doom "shoot'em up" level to a challenging, outstanding Doom level with special FX such as Invisible stairs and realistic elevators. 20+ special FX to choose from. It may look small to you, but it is well worth the small size! Try it out and you won't be dissatisfied.
Credits: Mark Glenn (fglenns@ix.netcom.com) for his great and unique Doom tricks Doc (DTRICKS*.ZIP)
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These tricks are all well known by mappers today, but still an interesting textfile with some value to it.x

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