Title: Right Scroll
Filename: docs/editing/rtscroll.zip
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Date: 03/26/04
Author: Andrew Stine
Description: Play it. Holy poop on a stick, that texture is scrolling the wrong way!!! This is incredible!!! If only this was known ten years ago people might have cared!!!!

For the more technical minded, the trick is done by creating a whole ton of extra linedefs with the wall scroll special which all reference the same sidedef as the one you want to scroll backwards. You need to reference the sidedef an additional X-1 times, where X is the width of the texture in pixels.

While a backwards-scrolling texture is the most obvious trick, you can also change the number of extra sidedef references to just make the scrolling texture haul ass super fast.

Another idea would be to make a super-wide texture comprised of smaller "frames" placed side by side, i.e. make a giant wide texture with individual 32-pixel-wide frames side by side. Then make 31 extra sidedef references and the texture will appear to animate at 35 FPS because the texture will shift over 32 pixels every tic to the next "frame."
Credits: Adam Williamson for making an old DM WAD Jon Rimmer for noticing the fast-scroll walls in it Cyb for knowing the extra-sidedef trick behind it Me for getting anyone to think about it in the first place
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It doesn't work in ZDoom, but it does work in Vanilla - how weird.x
I don't get what he's trying to say. Scroling the wrong way? You mean telling the texture to scroll like it normally does only the other direction?x
Crappy old news.. But I do support the effortx
This is old news.x

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