Title: Sacrifice (Doom Tutorial)
Filename: docs/editing/sacrif.zip
Size: 29.03 KB
Date: 09/17/96
Author: John J. Bye (Gestalt666)
Description: Two WADs. One Good (?). One Ugly... This is intended as a Tutorial to help beginner WAD builders make better WADs. SACRIFOR.WAD is a Doom II conversion of the first WAD I ever wrote, and is a good example of why you should never upload your first WAD! SACRIFCO.WAD is the same, but with more intelligent use of textures and light levels, and with all the unclosed sectors and other errors corrected.
Base: SACRIFOR.WAD - a conversion of my unreleased first Doom I level, SACRIF.WAD. SACRIFCO.WAD - a corrected and improved version of SACRIFOR.WAD.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deep 7.50 - Editor used to create the original SACRIF.WAD WAD1to2 - Converter used to make SACRIFOR.WAD DCK 2.2 - Editor used to create SACRIFCO.WAD
Bugs: Lots in SACRIFOR.WAD. Shouldn't be any in SACRIFCO.WAD!
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