Title: WinDEU for Beginners: A Pictorial Guide (Microsoft Word Document)
Filename: docs/editing/wdeuguide.zip
Size: 793.19 KB
Date: 05/15/04
Author: John W. Anderson (aka Dr Sleep)
Description: Complete illustrated guide to making DOOM levels with WinDEU v5.24, the Windows DOOM level editor written by Renaud Paquays and based on DEU 5.21 by Raphael Quinet. This guide also works for DEU v5.xx or DETH v3.xx-4.xx, since the functions are nearly identical (with the exception of right-click which is absent in the DOS editor).

The guide has step-by-step snapshots of a level in progress in WinDEU, so you can follow the illustrations as you go along. The WinDEU interface is explained, as well as configuring WinDEU to edit either DOOM or DOOM II.
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