Title: weird.zip
Filename: docs/editing/weird.zip
Size: 2.33 KB
Date: 08/11/95
Author: Erwen Tang
Description: While fooling around with RMB to try to make a sector where a player can't see another player, I came across something odd. As you see in this .LMP I'm supposed to be dead after I hit the guy in the distance. Maybe it has something to do with distance. Bug??? I don't know and I don't care, just thought you'd like to see it.
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This is a demonstration of the "zombie player" bug, which is also documented on Lee Killough's website. There are two voodoo dolls in the level; the demo shows the player damaging one and then the other. The player's health runs out while the voodoo dolls still have some left, and so the player does not die, although he can still move around and interact with things.x

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