Title: whatthe.zip
Filename: docs/editing/whatthe.zip
Size: 46.02 KB
Date: 08/20/95
Author: Tom Evans
Description: This wad is has a strange bug. I believe it is caused by a floating sector -- which happens when you delete the lineDefs and vertices, but don't delete the sector that goes with them. I really don't know why it happens at a certain point or anything else about it. It's a new Doom mystery.

Anyway, what you should look for comes after the lift (there's only one). Do 'IDFA' so you have all the weapons and then fire a rocket against the wall, it won't hurt... nothing will. IDDQD is not set, but you are still unhurtable. Not only that, but the rocket blast does'nt even move you back... it has no effect on you. If you step back on to the lift, it will go back to normal. Strange!

To top that off, check out the monster activity. I added a couple of them so you can see what's going on. They refuse to mess with you. It's very weird. They seem to be blind. You can walk right up to their face, and they don't even flinch. But shoot and they come to life -- yet they still won't hurt you.

This file comes from a level I created, Fate02.wad. So the same things apply as with all other levels people make:
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