Title: WIF: A Standard for Text-Based Interchange of DOOM WAD Files
Filename: docs/editing/wifsp001.zip
Size: 10.63 KB
Date: 06/25/94
Author: Tom Neff
Description: This is the first stab at a formal specification for a text-based WAD interchange format. It starts where id's DWD leaves off, and hopefully has plenty of room for the things WAD editor writers want.

WADs written in this way could be uploaded to the Net without loss of data, merged together in interesting ways, manipulated by a broader range of processing programs (like an ordinary text editor), and commented in-WAD much more fully than is possible today.

I urge all interested parties to read this over and send me any comments you might have.

By the way, if 12 pages seems like a lot for a simple little spec, it's because this is intended to nail it down definitively, so that even if we all go off and do other things, a WAD author three years from now could look and say, That's compliant or that's not. This is how Internet RFC's work, and that's what this WIF spec is patterned after.
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Over 15 years later, we are still trying to do this with UDMF. What a forward-thinker the author must have been!x
This is one of those interesting but completely redundant things that will be archived until the end of time, although it is redundant and meaningless; it's a spec for a text-based, human-readable Doom editing format that could easily be transmitted as ASCII. It also has provision for what we nowadays called prefabs. The English is of a good standard, but the spec obviously went the way of DWD, which is to say nowhere.x

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