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The BFG FAQ, Version 2.1
This is a 67K Frequently Asked Questions file that details the behavior of the BFG9000 weapon in the game Doom and its sequels. Required reading for all Doom deathmatch players!...Date:02/01/98
Size:23.99 KB
Author:Tony Fabris

The Chaingun FAQ
This is FAQ that explains chaingun tactics and use. There wasnt much to write on it, beacause some of it is obvious, but why not?...Date:06/15/98
Size:2.99 KB
Author:Ryan Watt

The unofficial chainsaw FAQ
a chainsaw faq by acousti...Date:04/08/97
Size:1.19 KB

Unofficial Change Log v1.01
I documented this years ago. I release it now, as people seem to be interested. This document is about detailed changes from version to version of id's original executables as well as the resource WAD's....Date:03/29/04
Size:9.77 KB

Doom secrets list
This is the Doom secrets list, extracted from the "Official" DOOM FAQ v6.666 by Hank Leukart with kind permission....Date:03/28/95
Size:15.26 KB
Author:Hank Leukart

Doom 2 secrets list
This is the Doom 2 secrets list, last updated Nov 25, 1994. This version includes information on 1.7a....Date:02/05/95
Size:19.32 KB
Author:Paul Falstad

Doom ][ Walkthrough v1.00
These files contain short and to-the-point walkthroughs of every level in Doom ][. I wrote them partly to check my worthiness to apply for the D2M challenge, but mainly for the benefit of those people who have trouble completing the levels of Do...Date:02/01/96
Size:11.68 KB
Author:George Foot

The Official DOOM ][ Key FAQ
This FAQ is for people having trouble finding the Keys on different levels of ID software's game; DOOM ][. This document does _not_ cover how to get the Keys in any other version of DOOM nor any of the freely available DOOM pWADs. ...Date:07/31/95
Size:9.88 KB
Author:Richard R. Ward, Mike Newton

The "Official" DOOM FAQ v6.666
Includes DOOM I and DOOM II information on cheats, add-on software, trouble- shooting and more. Read by thousands of people around the world....Date:12/10/94
Size:123.93 KB
Author:Hank Leukart
Secrets list for the fourth episode of Ultimate Doom ("Thy Flesh Consumed") last updated July 21, 1995....Date:08/30/95
Size:6.83 KB
Author:Paul Falstad

The Unofficial Fists FAQ
A very special fist FAQ...Date:06/12/96
Size:1.67 KB

This document is an FAQ [(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions] for the game Heretic by id Software and Raven Software....Date:11/28/96
Size:19.1 KB
Author:Roy G. Biv.

Secrets list for registered version of Heretic
Secrets list for registered version of Heretic, last updated Jan 25, 1995....Date:02/05/95
Size:15.71 KB
Author:Paul Falstad

I tried to make this FAQ as true as possible so if you find an error PLEASE, if you have any suggestions for this FAQ LET ME KNOW...It can only be as good as you want it to!...Date:03/16/95
Size:29.36 KB
Author:Tom Laufert

The Un-official Master Levels for Doom II FAQ Version 1.02
A wide-ranging FAQ covering all aspects of The Master Levels. This HTML document used to be at I (the uploader) obtained this copy via the Internet Archive (
Size:48.8 KB
Author:By Henrik Larsen, with contributions from John W. "Dr.Sleep" Anderson, Jim Flynn, Shawn Green, Chris

The Unofficial Doom Pistol Faq
After reading Tony Fabris' BFG Faq and Dan Tyrrell's Rocket Launcher Faq, I decided to write a faq about the pistol in hopes that it would either answer some question about it or give you a good laugh while you read....Date:02/03/96
Size:3.19 KB

The Plasma Rifle FAQ v1.0
-The newest FAQ in the Doom weapons FAQ family! -Includes a level and a demo -Also includes the FAQ -The FAQ is actually not completly a joke! It CAN be helpful! -Now all we're missing is the Super Shotgun and Chaingun FAQ...anyo...Date:03/13/98
Size:16.16 KB

Rocket Launcher Faq v. 2.0
This is an update to my successful rocket launcher faq version 1.0 and 1.666. Not many people got the rocket launcher faq v. 1.666 so I have made this final update....Date:04/08/96
Size:20.12 KB
Author:Dan Tyrrell

The unofficial DooM shotgun FAQ v. 3.0, 7/2/98
A detailed description of the shotgun in DOOM, DOOM II, and THE ULTIMATE DOOM. There is also a WAD and a demo-lmp included, that show you the working of that weapon....Date:09/02/97
Size:6.96 KB

Size:13.5 KB
Author:H.J. Hornbeck

Secrets list for the fourth and fifth episodes of Heretic: Shadows of the Serpent Riders
All the official secret areas in the fourth and fifth episodes of Heretic v1.3 are numbered and listed below, along with the sector number, IDMYPOS coordinates, and decimal coordinates. "Official" secrets are those which are counted towards the "...Date:06/10/96
Size:9.26 KB
Author:Paul Falstad

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