Title: The BFG FAQ, Version 2.1
Filename: docs/faqs/bfgfaq21.zip
Size: 23.99 KB
Date: 02/01/98
Author: Tony Fabris
Description: This is a 67K Frequently Asked Questions file that details the behavior of the BFG9000 weapon in the game Doom and its sequels. Required reading for all Doom deathmatch players!
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A FAQ as helpful (and possibly even more) as the FAQs at Cheat Code Central, yet this beautifully crafted FAQ is sadly overlooked.x
If theres a later version then why dont they upload it?x
If you hate the BFG you suck. But if you read this FAQ, there is no reason to hate it. This goes through most of the basics, and also some of the more difficult stuff.x
This is one of the most helpful FAQ's I read. There are some very hard to recognize aspects of the BFG behavior, which are explained very well. Btw. a later version of this FAQ is located in docs/rgcd-pips/bfg_faqx

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