Title: Doom ][ Walkthrough v1.00
Filename: docs/faqs/d2wt.zip
Size: 11.68 KB
Date: 02/01/96
Author: George Foot
Description: These files contain short and to-the-point walkthroughs of every level in Doom ][. I wrote them partly to check my worthiness to apply for the D2M challenge, but mainly for the benefit of those people who have trouble completing the levels of Doom ][.
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What's the point of a walkthrough that doesn't explain the various ways to beat the map / the secrets / strategy, etc? Seems pointless, even in 1996 - It doesn't tell you anything you wouldn't be able to figure out on your own, defeating the purpose of a walkthrough!x
This is a walkthrough from the days when people felt safe about putting their real name and home address on the internet. It only has the bare bones, i.e. Map01 is "Run forwards, turn right, then right again, then left, and the exit room is on the left", Map07 is "Kill all the mancubi / Kill all the arachnotrons / Press on the central eye symbol." Apparently "there are literally hundreds of home-brew levels on the Internet", which made me smile.x
estoy atorado en el nivel 30 de final doom tnt no se que hacerx

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