Title: The Official DOOM ][ Key FAQ
Filename: docs/faqs/dm2_keys.zip
Size: 9.88 KB
Date: 07/31/95
Author: Richard R. Ward, Mike Newton
Description: This FAQ is for people having trouble finding the Keys on different levels of ID software's game; DOOM ][. This document does _not_ cover how to get the Keys in any other version of DOOM nor any of the freely available DOOM pWADs. Nor does it warn you about what kinds of monsters will be trying to deny you possession of the glory of the Blue Key, the utility of the Red Key, or the necessary evil of the Yellow Key, nor of the traps that await you.

For each level, the keys are listed in the order that you need to get them. Some levels do not have any keys, and on some levels it does not matter which order you pick up the keys.
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