Title: The Unofficial Doom Pistol Faq
Filename: docs/faqs/pistol11.zip
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Date: 02/03/96
Author: Rambutt
Description: After reading Tony Fabris' BFG Faq and Dan Tyrrell's Rocket Launcher Faq, I decided to write a faq about the pistol in hopes that it would either answer some question about it or give you a good laugh while you read.
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Here's a better FAQ: This is the most powerful weapon in the game. When wielding this weapon, you can discard all other protips you have ever heard of because this gun will basically win the whole game for you. Conveniently, this is the weapon you start with in the game and uses the most abundant of ammo sources. It is extremely accurate and it will kill just about any monster in two to three shots.x

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