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The Book of id
High-quality scans of 'The Book of id', a scrapbook included with the id Anthology, released in 1996....Date:11/12/11
Size:9.31 MB
Author:id Software (uploaded by convex)

Super Passwords for console Doom games
This document provides passwords for all console Doom games that utilize a password system. The passwords here provide a player character with maximum health and equipment, and allow the player to begin the game on any map at any Skill. Doom 64 ...Date:11/23/00
Size:5.02 KB

Doom How To
"Doom How To" is a short and handy file with information on cheats, command lines, PWADS, .LMP recordings, etc. This was made for users at Game Palace bbs since alot of questions came up on how do I do more with DOOM....Date:07/14/94
Size:3.75 KB
Author:Steve Huskisson

DOOM II How To v1.0
This is the follow up to the condensed text file DOOM How To DOOM II How To is a handy "cheat" sheet with tons of information from running WADS to recording a .LMP demo of a game. All the codes and command lines are listed to!...Date:02/05/95
Size:4.04 KB
Author:Steve Huskisson
This document provides detailed information on the built-in cheat codes for all versions of Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 Final Doom....Date:10/27/02
Size:18.48 KB
This document provides a detailed comparison of the basic game features of the more popular PC, console and handheld versions of Doom, Ultimate Doom, and Doom II. Features, flaws, pros and cons of each version are discussed, and detailed quick-r...Date:10/29/02
Size:30.84 KB
This document provides simple quick-reference information on map interconnections for all maps in a given Doom game, detailing which map exits lead to which map entrances. This essentially serves as a simple "map of maps", and allows a player to,...Date:10/27/02
Size:10.45 KB
This is a Figlet font in the style of the DOOM logo, for the uppercase alphabet A-Z and the numerals 0-9. The remaining characters are taken from the existing 'Big' font....Date:06/20/96
Size:2.25 KB
Author:Frans P. de Vries

The Doom Help Service (DHS) Help Files Archive
This file contains a description of the various help files contained in the Doom Help Service Archive (namely, the file For detailed information about the DHS and the various rec-based USENET newsgroups dedicated to Doom, Doom II and ...Date:03/15/95
Size:360.16 KB
Author:Ian C. R. Mapleson BSc.
The text from DOOM 1.2's README.EXE. Created with VPRINT51.ZIP (from Simtel)....Date:05/12/94
Size:20.07 KB

Doom: The Next Chapter, Second Edition.
60 years after Doom2, UAC tries it again... Roleplay in the Doom universe. This version has moved out of draft status and is a ful Second Edition. Included in the file is a Visual Basic Script for generating a character. Requires the Scripting Runt...Date:07/09/01
Size:540.35 KB
Author:Richard D. Clark

Do you know the number of accessory files available for DOOM and DOOM ][ online? The activity on the large online services as well as the Internet hubs of DOOM-related materials is astonishing! At, a server that can accommodate 300 (...Date:12/31/95
Size:128.27 KB
This document provides a detailed comparison of the basic game features of the PC and PlayStation editions of Final Doom (and The Master Levels). Features, flaws, pros and cons of each version are discussed, and detailed quick-reference charts a...Date:10/27/02
Size:12.47 KB

Ghost-Monster FAQ for Doom II: Hell On Earth
This document provides general information on a bug that occasionally surfaces in computer-based Doom II games: The creation of a "ghost" by an Arch-Vile monster. If you've ever encountered a monster that walks through walls and ignores your att...Date:10/22/03
Size:4.53 KB

Yangshuo Cavern in China
DOOM Trivia! Ever wonder where id Software got the sky texture for DOOM in Episode 1? Check out this picture! It is Yangshuo Cavern in China, photographed by Tom Atwood and available on the Media Clips(tm) CD-ROM, (c)Copyright Aris Entertainment, ...Date:12/04/05
Size:71.01 KB
Author:Rich ¥Weeds¥ Nagel

The Maximum Doom Reference v. 1.0
This is a is a list of the files from the Maximum Doom Collection, that came with the Master Levels for Doom II -CD. The goal is to provide title, author, play info, trivia and, if necessary, technical hints about each wad on the CD-ROM and to give d...Date:05/12/08
Size:275.82 KB

Count of all Official Secrets in Doom/Doom II games
This document provides simple quick-reference information on the number of "official" secrets that exist among the maps of Doom/Doom II games on a variety of game platforms. ("Official" secrets are those secret areas that can affect a player's "S...Date:02/20/04
Size:9.57 KB
This Is A TXT File Of ALL The NEW Monsters, And What They Do. Their Complete Real Names, And Their Weaknesses If Any. Also Included is a Hint To Beat Level 30. And A Cheat To Use On DOOM II. Also Are The COMPLETE LEVEL NAMES FOR DOOM 1, And DOOM...Date:10/19/94
Size:9.81 KB

The Martian Moon "Phobos"
DOOM Trivia! What the heck is a "Phobos" anyway? The Martian moon "Phobos" photographed by the Viking probe, July 20, 1976, and available on the Media Clips(tm) CD-ROM, (c)Copyright Aris Entertainment, Inc., 1991-1992. 640x480 JPG format image....Date:12/04/05
Size:37.37 KB

ZDoom menu demo
This is just a small level in which I tested the menu system I made for ZDoom, for conversations or computer systems or shops or any other usage you can think of....Date:04/05/04
Size:945.01 KB

WadAuthor User Manual
This is a PDF and Word 2000 version of the WadAuthor help file....Date:02/21/01
Size:219.27 KB
Author:Williston Consulting, Editor: Richard D. Clark

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