Title: Doom: The Next Chapter, Second Edition.
Filename: docs/misc/dtnc.zip
Size: 540.35 KB
Date: 07/09/01
Author: Richard D. Clark
Description: 60 years after Doom2, UAC tries it again... Roleplay in the Doom universe. This version has moved out of draft status and is a ful Second Edition.

Included in the file is a Visual Basic Script for generating a character. Requires the Scripting Runtime 5.5. See dtnc.vbs for fetails.
Credits: To those who made suggestions and have played the game. You know who you are. Thanks.
Base: Close to a year.
Build time: NA
Editor(s) used: NA
Bugs: NA
Rating: (9 votes)
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So, I'm reading these rules (I know, reading, crazy!) and you can pick as your class (among others) either a bureaucrat, a technocrat, a civilian or a marine. Hmmmm, which should I pick, the dude with the briefcase or the plasma rifle? Not bad for an RPG overall though, and points for creativity, effort and execution. Needs more clip art though.x
Good sytem, but the vb script triggered a BADD reponce with my firewallx
Good system, gonna play with a few friends tomorrow. -Jeharx

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