Title: Count of all Official Secrets in Doom/Doom II games
Filename: docs/misc/maxsec.zip
Size: 9.57 KB
Date: 02/20/04
Author: Ledmeister
Description: This document provides simple quick-reference information on the number of "official" secrets that exist among the maps of Doom/Doom II games on a variety of game platforms. ("Official" secrets are those secret areas that can affect a player's "Secrets" score on a given map.) These tables also indicate a player's maximum attainable scores for finding all official secrets on each map.
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I love this guy. The whole classicdoom.com thing is precisely the kind of hyper-detailed, dead-serious scientifically thorough treatment of a trivial topic that I go for. Perhaps I am obsessive-compulsive . There's another, similar document where the chap compares different versions of Doom on different platforms; reading through it I have an urge to find a second-hand Atari Jaguar.x
Excellent reference material. A treat for OCD's with no time to spare for looking all night in levels like a idclip ghost!x
OK...... It's about to be said...... almost........ Almost........ Here it is...... THERE IS NO ####### WAD IN THE ZIP, BACAUSE IT'S A *GUIDE* TO THE SECRETS IN THE VARIOUS DOOM RELEASES. That said, this is excellent, and it's great people are documenting this stuff. 5 stars. x
As always from Led: perfect work! 5/5 from Doomgater x

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