Title: The Martian Moon "Phobos"
Filename: docs/misc/phobos.zip
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Date: 12/04/05
Description: DOOM Trivia! What the heck is a "Phobos" anyway? The Martian moon "Phobos" photographed by the Viking probe, July 20, 1976, and available on the Media Clips(tm) CD-ROM, (c)Copyright Aris Entertainment, Inc., 1991-1992. 640x480 JPG format image.
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Hehe, the file date is of the original that came off of the "Media Clips" CD-ROM . Re: www.richnagel.net : Yep, that URL should be working for years to come :) As far as the other URLs, I went through a server change recently. New base URL is http://www.cmoo.com/ snor/weedsx
This is a very grainy 640x480 photograph of Phobos, in .pcx format. The file is dated July 2076(!). There are better photographs of Phobos on the internet, indeed there are better Viking 1 photographs of Phobos. The readme mentions a whole bunch of URLs, and surprisingly www.richnagel.net still works.x

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