Title: Full Death Frames: All-Player Graphics
Filename: graphics/apgfx.zip
Size: 47.93 KB
Date: 11/06/95
Author: Geoff Coovert
Description: This wad changes the marine death graphics from the annoying instant spin death to a more physically possible flop. As a refresher, in Doom or Doom 2 (or anything Doom-engined, those lazy iD people) when you kill something, it will face you when it dies. While this is fine (sort of) for single-player mode, it gets weird in multiplayer...try starting up a network or serial game, then have both characters sit 90 degrees away from an imp, then shoot it. The imp is (impossibly) facing both people at once. Well, the same principle applies to EVERY monster in Doom (or Doom2, or Heretic, or Hexen, man are they lazy...16 more sprites!)
Credits: Well, I don't have a big credits list, just ME, Olivier the Deutex author (now obsolete thanks to WinTex, grrr, may the Gates be cursed unto the 20th generation) and whoever made MVPPaint, the program used to make these fine excuses for sprites...if you feel like suggesting something, reporting that I have killed your dog or just want to yap about Doom, Killer Instinct, or Command & Conquer/WarCraft, feel free to email me and spout!
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: This .WAD **SHOULDN'T** crash Doom, although Doom does some pretty funky things when it wants to...I've run AP.WAD through at least 20 hours of deathmatching so far, and not a single [unattributable] error has occurred.
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Well done, especially for something so ancient.x
Just Perfect.x
This man has solved the biggest and possibly only form of half-assery id software has ever committed. In 1995. Nobody has even touched on the prospect of trying this since, except halfway by LWM in Bitter (only the dead body frame had rotations) making all these people who say "That sprite's not 2008 quality" hypocrites because in 1995, there was a standard set that nobody else, not even those most critical of people, have ever met since.x
I can't believe nobody has done this before or since. I wouldn't expect something like this from 1995 and looks more like the doom style than Eriance's or Vader's POS graphics.x
Verry good work! Another cool part about it is that it's even doom version whatever version that they got the rotation down compatable! The rotation might not be on par, but correct, seamless rotation is very hard to do. It gets 5/5!x
I like this 5/5 It's been in my directory for ages and always will.x

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