Title: DOOM II Bevo Player
Filename: graphics/bevo.zip
Size: 154.12 KB
Date: 01/04/96
Author: John Ferguson
E-mail: drjcf1227@aol.com
Description: This is a simple wad that turns the marine face into Bevo, the longhorn mascot of the University of Texas at Austin. All the weapons have hooves holding them, and the sounds of the marine are now moos. My dog and two cats also make guest appear- ances as various spheres and artifacts. This wad requires deusf.exe (which is included).
Credits: DEUSF, WinTex, PSP, my wife (for her infinite patience), my mother (for insisting that I go to Texas instead of Miami), The University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School at San Antnio (for accepting a poor slobb with only a 3.2 GPA), and Dr. Kosub, my Medicine course director (whom I am about to call and beg for an A in her class).
Base: Doom2 graphics wad from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEUSF and WinTex
Bugs: & Limitations: None that I can find.
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