Title: Better Head
Filename: graphics/bhead.zip
Size: 9.48 KB
Date: 03/17/14
Author: Phlum
Description: Modifies the statusbar head slightly in order to make him not look like he's lost all his teeth when your health is low.

Minor addition which is probably ZDoom-only: animated eyebrows when in God mode.
Base: Modified
Build time: Not long at all
Editor(s) used: GIMP
Rating: (5 votes)
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I'm pretty sure you would have blood in your mouth/dripping into/onto it if you're all hammered up.x
BETTER HEAD!!! Your head ain't got shit on this head! It's not zero stars because the name cracks me up. But otherwise I can't think of one good reason for this to exist.x
Looks better than I was expecting.x
Da Werecat
If you happen to think that a bloodied face with absolutely clean white teeth would make more sense, then it's a mod of your dreams. Well, aside from the fact that the author forgot to convert new gfx to Doom picture format.x

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