Title: Drunk Doom
Filename: graphics/d_doom.zip
Size: 41.75 KB
Date: 07/14/95
Author: Sundeepan Sen AKA Soulhunter
Description: ok This is the first official thing i made for doom, This patch replaces all the rockets in doom with Wine bottles
Credits: To my dad, he gave me the idea to put the bottles in doom And to the rest of my family to give me suppot. Plus to All wad authors , graphics authors.. and doom utility makers to give me confidence. And to Frank Lukehart... I think I Spelled his name incorrectly, Please accept my apologies if I did, The author of DmGraph, without this utility this wouldnt have been possible.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: I used Microlathe a 3d lathe program, Corel photo paint 4 and DmGraph I dont remember the version.
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Wine bottle sprite made by a 14 year old that looks like a cricket bat or bell from certain angles. As pointless as it sounds.x
wow, i thought when i read the title it was going to be the music track in doom 2, but i wasn't prepared for this shit!x

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