Title: dm_rock2.zip
Filename: graphics/dm_rock2.zip
Size: 36.07 KB
Date: 12/21/00
Author: TaG :)
Description: This is just a little modification I made to the Doom title screen. I figured that the character was ASKING to have a guitar placed in his hands! Hope you like it!
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This is actually legendary, and done well in MSPaint fashion! 5 stars. (maybe WW could use this in his Music Is The Weapon mod)x
Nice! Pointless, but nicely done! Maybe the right hand is a little 'wonky' because it's Yngwie Malmsteen doing one of those 1000 note arpeggios and the camera cannot keep up :)x
Surprisingly, it's not bad. The guitar is drawn in a fair imitation of Doom's graphic style - it's slightly more cartoonish - and if you just glance at it, you might not realise that it's different. The right hand is a bit wonky but otherwise it's fine. I was expecting it to be awful, but bravo that man.x

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