Title: Dual MAC-10 Ingrams
Filename: graphics/dmac10.zip
Size: 8.89 KB
Date: 01/25/08
Author: Grapefruit66
Description: OK, let's give it straight. Doom weapons are cool. Besides one. Besides chaingun. Yes, it's a usefull weapon. Yes, it can save your ass. But why the hell it's looking so boring? Here's something to change it. Dual MAC-10s. It gives Doom a quite new, maybe more "Die Hard" feel, but I think it's OK. I resigned from realistic recoil animation - if our hero can shoot rocket launcher holding it like it was machine gun, what's the problem with two small automatic guns?
Credits: ROBIN (Sum_Dood2003@hotmail.com) FOR HIS MAC-10 MODEL!!!
Base: Modified and based on a Robin's weapon model
Build time: Few days
Editor(s) used: XWE, Paint, IrfanView
Bugs: -
Rating: (9 votes)
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What's wrong on this? Only critic that I'd say is that Doom's chaingun doesn't look boring,but it's firepower is too slow,indeed.x
We got a new worst modder ever, Grapefruit66!!! 0/5 x
kicks ass 5/5x
This is more boring than the chaingunx
Thats an awful choice of viewpoint there.x
^WTF! Changes the chaingun for Dual MAC-10 Ingrams. No new sound though, so it sounds awful. 2/5x
An enchanting piece of work. 5/5x

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