Title: DOOM Gore v3.0 and DOOM 2 Gore v1.0
Filename: graphics/dmgore30.zip
Size: 944.6 KB
Date: 10/30/95
Author: Chainsaw
Description: Get ready for the best of the series. This version rules. No more stretch graphics, no more screwed up ending sequences, this is the most complete and best made of all the series. Splattering heads, spine splits, intestinal yankings, melting flesh, burning bodies, peeling skin, and more!!! Aaaaawww yeeeeaaah!
Credits: id Software, the DEUTEX and DEUSF guys, DMGRAPH people, DMADDS people, anyone else who made any of the programs used by The Gore, Nine Inch Nails for that cool little .VOC file, PC Gamer, a huge ass thanks to Centrex for making da new executable for the install program, and Kris, my BETA tester and Death Match opponent.
Base: Modified death scenes for the enemies.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WINTEX, DEUTEX, DEUSF, Windows Paintbrush, Photo Styler for Windows, DMGRAPH, DMADDS, AAPLAY, Turbo C++, TED, and more... ok, maybe not.
Bugs: 5 of them and most likely, they won't even affect you.

1.) If you install on version 1.2, it will give you a few errors during installation, but it works fine after it's finished. I suggest that you install on a fresh copy of DOOM or DOOM 2 version 1.9.

2.) If you try to install after you've already installed, it won't reinstall. Delete the files DMG30.WAD and DM2G10.WAD to reinstall.

3.) Some people may experience lock-ups when they load up the install program. This is a bug in AAPLAY.EXE that causes some computers to lock up. If this happens to you, just delete the file AAPLAY.EXE and it should work fine, except you won't see the cool Happy Napalm logo...

4.) If AAPLAY.EXE has to access your CD-ROM or ZIP Drive when you start the program, don't worry about it. We have no idea why it does that...

5.) If you load up the game using the file DMG30.BAT, you should hear the NIN.VOC file play. If you don't, the reason may be because your sound card is not a Sound Blaster. Sorry.

Now then, those aren't REAL bugs are they? At least not OUR bugs. DOOM Gore itself is bug free. Hehehe.
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