Filename: graphics/dmlafemp.zip
Size: 14.24 KB
Date: 03/04/06
Author: Elizabeth Orne
Description: A Complete replacement graphics set by Elizabeth Orne of the player ICON into a face more appropriate to women doomers. Almost like Barbie .
Credits: Bill Neisius, who wrote DMGRAPH. Bill has done a great job providing a very easy to use graphics extraction and insertion program for doom graphics. Carole Norton, for running all over creation finding graphics software and pictures for me. The aritist who created Faerie.gif from which I clipped the basic face image, author unknown.
Base: The face icon itself was clipped from a file called faerie.gif, author unkown.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: I used NeoPaint to play with the images and Graphics workshop for DOS and Graphics workshop for windows for clipping.
Bugs: -
Rating: (8 votes)
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lol wemens.x
Get real... what is this, a feminists' forum? It's just a crappy status bar replacement. It has no effect on any stereotypes and no one cares. Maybe we should make one with Ann Coulter's face, that should do it... (okay, maybe beefed up a bit so she doesn't look like the Revenant's female equivalent). [2/5] ~Chain Mail (11/2007)x
This is ironic. It's actually harming women by feeding off the stereotype that women in combat can't look serious or tough. This face almost looks like a model.x
Did you read the text fileS ?!? Elizabeth Orne told us "Almost like Barbie", and "Thanks to the artist who created Faerie.gif from which I clipped the basic face image, author unknown...." And Barbie is THE bimbo of the bimbos, no??? Plus, it's dated 12/06/94, 12 years ago... Give it a rest, man! RIP! And the idea to see a wounded and bleeding beautiful lady is aweful!!! 0/5 star - Jivex
A similar idea to Femdoom (id=951), which predates it by a month. The lady here is more of a blonde princess and as the readme states the graphic wasn't actually drawn by the wad author. So one star for being able to use Neopaint to draw a selection box around part of a picture and a second star for being able to put this into Doom, minus a star for choosing a bimbo face.x

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