Filename: graphics/doom.zip
Size: 147.78 KB
Date: 03/02/95
Author: Phidias N. Bourlas (DM)
Description: 800x600x256 image.
All monsters, weapons, ammo, power-ups, artifacts etc. of DOOM2.
Included the starting screens of DOOM & DOOM2.

(What to do with this image? Personally, I use it for Windows wallpaper. I want to look at it all the time, so very often I minimize all my applications. :-))
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it looks kinda strange without everything in it!x
This is an 800x600 GIF wallpaper with - as the readme says - all the baddies, objects, and startup screens from the two Doom games. Against a black background. It's not a montage, instead the items are arranged in a grid pattern. It doesn't include background objects (e.g. the burning barrels) and there's only one keycard and one skull key.x

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