Title: doommorf.zip
Filename: graphics/doommorf.zip
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Date: 05/11/94
Description: Well, my efforts have paid off... DOOMMORF.FLI looks *nice*. This .FLI file is a ~160 frame animation of your favorite monsters melting into each other using morphing technology a la "Terminator 2". Ok, so I'm not Industrial Light and Magic Inc., but I think that the effect is very good considering all the 'tween images were rendered on a 486dx-50 using DMORF 1.1.2; the BEST shareware morphing program available for the PC. I used WT100 to get the images from the .WAD file onto the screen. I used VGACAP81 to capture them from the screen, and VGAFIL.EXE to convert them from .RAWs and .PLTs to .GIFs. After morphing, I used Alchemy to convert the images from .TGAs back to .GIFs, and Autodesk Animator to thread the images into a single .FLI, and optimize the colors such that the morph should be fairly smooth, even on '286 computers. Of course, if you use a '286, you probably won't recognize the characters. :)
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Awsome! you should try puting speed to 0! -Jonathanx
pretty cool how the baron morphed into the cyberdemon!x
That was actually kinda cool!!x
Interesting. The player program included even works in Windows 2000/XP.x

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