Title: EGA Doom
Filename: graphics/ega_pal.zip
Size: 1.15 KB
Date: 06/23/11
Author: Sigvatr
Description: EGA Doom is a patch WAD for all versions of Doom, including vanilla. It makes Doom look like an older EGA era game, which uses only 16 colors.

Consider playing some of your favorite WADs with it, as it makes playing them a new experience. It is suggested that you use Chocolate Doom or any other similar port that makes use of PC speaker sound effects and 320x200 resolution for the ultimate retro experience.

Keep in mind that some WADs feature their own PLAYPAL or COLORMAP lumps which may override those contained in ega_pal.wad, or vice-versa. The order in which they are specified in the command line is important and ega_pal.wad should be specified at the end for best results. The end results when used in combination with WADs that use incompatible palettes are unknown.
Credits: Special thanks to the following people for their extensive testing and feedback: Sodaholic, Mithran Denizen, cq75, hex11, Csonicgo, GeckoYamori, scalliano, darkreaver, Snarboo, Megamur, AlektorophobiA, Lance MDR Rocket, Processingcontrol, Jimmy91, Cyanosis, _bruce_, Katamori, CeeJay, Bucket, Clonehunter, mr fiat, Mr. T, 40oz, walter confalonieri and Maes.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A few days
Editor(s) used: Photoshop, XWE and some specifically written software
Rating: (16 votes)
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Much better than the older half-assed attempt. ^ What if it was a hi-end old PC for its day? :-px
I'll give it 4 stars. If this limited the frame rate some to make it feel more like an actual old PC running Doom, I'd give it 5.x
A gimmick that might amuse you for about a minute, though possibly less.x

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