Title: The Lightning Gauntlet Wad
Filename: graphics/gauntlet.zip
Size: 88.44 KB
Date: 12/02/95
Author: Greg Kegel
Description: This wad will replace the chainsaw in Id Software's Doom ][ with the lightning gauntlet (electric gloves) from Heretic, by the same company. I put a fair amount of time into this patch and I hope you like it as much I do.
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I like this, it has the gauntlets from Heretic, replacing the chainsaw from Doom.x
"Marine needs food, badly." Sadly this is nothing to do with the arcade game Gauntlet, which is a shame because some of the monsters are similar and the sound samples are surely ripe for the plucking. I give this two stars because it works, it does what it sets out to do, but it feels silly. The gauntlets were basically a skin job of Doom's chainsaw; this is a skin job of a skin job.x
Exactly what I wanted... Now if I can just get one that makes the handgun into th elvenwand.x
this is doom not hereticx
Although i havent played it yet, just by reading the description this is a stupid wad. heres s fat 0 for you x
the gauntlits look cool but... thats all its got....x
this is fucking stupid, whoever made this is an retard.x

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